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June 3, 2000-11:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Anyone Ever wondered what Happens if you fall in the Ocean?
Today I was working one of my charcs magery on a boat. I lost connection and reconnected only to find myself in the middle of the water and the boat was gone.

I called a GM and was number 186 on the waiting list (good ol’OSI) as I waited my boat somehow (I assume it luckily made a clear trip around the world) came back and ran me over. Bam! I was back on the deck of the ship. So there you have it if you ever find yourself in the middle of the ocean just get ran over by a boat!

June 3, 2000-12:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
An OPP for the ages:
In order to keep our close unit of friends together and carry our type of game play to other games we have decided to transform the guild known as OPP of the Pacific Shard UO into an Online Gaming Guild. This means OPP will be making some large expansions and mergers. Most of which have already taken place and will be announced soon. OPP UO will be expanding our UO force to the shards of Siege Perilous and Chesapeake. Many former OPP UO members will be joining us with their Everquest guild to form our EQ faction. Plans are also about finished for our expansion to Diablo II. Farther off plans are also being forged for Anarchy Online and eventually Shadowbane. A new, much more extensive webpage will be put up at a new location very soon which will have news from each Game and Server we can be found in. The name of the guild will remain OPP but is not limited to OPP. Obviously OPP members have been very busy setting up these various expansions and we will be recruiting more extensively for these expansions after the transformation is done (However Pacific OPP UO recruitment policy will not change). Recruitment to the New Online guild will be explained once the new webpage is active to the public. However anyone that is very interested feel free to Email me to possibly skip recruitment steps. Look for more updates on this issue in the coming week.

Pacific PvP Ladder:
OPP is sponsoring an allied PvP ladder. Non OPP allies may not participate so don’t bother asking! Everything on the page is pretty self-explanatory but if you have any questions Email them here. Sign ups begin today and will go until we feel like we have enough contestants to begin. At which point the first two-week cycle will begin. I urge everyone to participate in some friendly fun.

Just to make it Public:
We have been working together with The Shadow Legion for the past few weeks. We feel like this guild exemplifies the close group of friends/fighting unit that OPP came to form under. Their fighting ability and unity shows on the battlefield as they stomp enemies on a daily basis. Thus with similar goals, ideals, and allies I hope we can work together to run all of our enemies out of Britannia.
Allies Section Updated

June 2, 2000-12:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Dead Presidents[DP]:
Everyone go by the new DP website! It’s updated regularly by our friend Richard Nixon!

The Black Hand[TBH]:
This webpage is hysterical. It’s updated on a regular basis go check it out.

Correction from Yesterdays news:
Apparently when a house is placed it will kick anyone blocking under the sign of the newly placed house. I guess when the time comes for housing there will be some ridiculous rush to place. I might even go to Trammel just to watch everyone running around cussing at each other.

Cowards of Pacific:
Section Updated
If you think I missed anyone drop me an Email with some good reasons and I might add them. Talking about cowards someone sent me this pic:

Haha, I couldn’t help but laughing. Its fitting that a chicken be standing next to Shadow Lord where ever he goes.

Look for a Big Updated later tonight regarding the Future of OPP

June 1, 2000-5:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Housing Patch Target Date:
“We are currently targeting Friday, June 9th as opening day for staged house placement within Ultima Online. The first stage of house placement (castles only) will begin on Friday, June 9th during each shard’s ‘peak’ time, or traditionally highest usage time. This time frame will likely be different on each individual shard. Please note that this means house placement will not be available directly following scheduled shard maintenance on this date.
The exact start time, as well as the start times and lengths of each stage, will be announced at a later date. We will confirm all dates and times at least 24 hours in advance.”

More Info

I got an interesting e-mail the other day about this (thus the reason I even bothered posting about it). Now in Trammel you can’t harm other player’s right? As far as I know you can’t place over the top of other players or animals right? So how in god’s name is it going to be possible to place any sort of large building? Correct me if I’m wrong since I’m assuming OSI hasn’t thought about the above issues (from past experience with just about every other patch.). I haven’t visited housing test nor do I ever plan to.

Who Remembers Akira AKA Quentin?
First off I want to thank Darkon for bringing this to my attention.
Apparently Quentin and his horde of idiots are at it again. Hacking OSI and exploiting those hacks to make money off e-bay. Anyone that was around from October 8-10 (see OPP News Archives) saw these people delete the OPP and D&S stones. A few weeks later even took down several OPP members houses. Not that there is anything these types can do to phase us but they have the nerve on their page to challenge OSI’s lawsuit? Just to compound that they went to Lums page and began spouting out insults! Even if OSI has no proof there are still 100’s of people who saw these guys in action deleting things like crazy. WTF is wrong with some people?

May 31, 2000-12:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
Link Section Updated:

Allies Updated:

Check out the Dead Presidents [DP] Guild Site.

May 30, 2000-12:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Fixing War Hammers?
"We've seen many reports that warhammers are doing 70+ points of damage at times. That is simply too high. It's something we are investigating and have disucssed a few solutions already. Nothing is definite yet so I can't say when anything will change."

More Info

May 29, 2000-1:30 A.M. PST-Jackal
Cowards and Cheaters claim the Pacific Shard:
I have to say this time its over. After OSI patched warriors to be gods they left UO open to be the joke we play today. Huge killing fields of one day old newbies talking shit and spamming. No skill, no tactics, and definitely not the UO we have been playing for years. Groups of loudmouth brats running around with nothing knowing they have lost. Those who are still overcome with fear sit as innocents, terrified, and helping those who talk trash and exploit massive bugs. I always imagined UO going down the tubes but I never imagined this. Lets get more Specific shall we:

VVV: Want to be KGB that are pretty much good at one thing: hiding. I see these guys maybe once or twice a day blue healing my enemies. I call DF and VVV leave. They’re like hit and run blue healers which makes me sick. I’ve died I think 5 times in the last month every time to VVV or D&S blue healers boxing me in doing all they can knowing if they went grey or orange there corpses would litter the ground all over Britannia.

D&S: Another sorry remake of an old guild. The “new D&S” is just loaded with talent like Tanis and Cormac who only run around with VVV when in numbers also blue healing and talking trash. Yet another useless guild that is wasting space.

HH: Dupes, cheats, and bugs. The members of this guild literally get paid by the GM who buys them stuff off e-bay with RL cash. The leaders of this guild never equip other then duped blessed weapons and maybe a bandage of two. Basically IMO the sorriest group of unorganized newbies (yes I called them newbies) to ever even attempt to war.

Order guilds: This is a generalization of what I see on a daily basis from order guilds. All townies maybe a 50 to 1 townie to mage ratio. All in minimal equipment terrified of any conflict. As far as I can tell the only reason they fight is to run away. So why even bother to equip? Who knows…?

So what does that leave us on the other side of this mess with? A bunch of retired bitter old men who stomp the hell out of our opposition anytime any place. Seriously the OPP kill ratio must be something like 50 to 1. That’s sad and that’s certainly not challenging. OPP is a dominant guild and so is every single one of our allies. It’s like everyone else on this shard forgot how we all got here. OPP started as a dinky little 10-person guild that tried to jump PKs in shame. We worked our way up and now I see those people that helped us get here quitting in a massive UO exodus. I have played Diablo II and IMO it sucks. But it’s better then UO. I guess its time for all of us to get our lives back in order and strike up some new hobbies because UO is totally dead. Factions is to far off to even bother with (assuming they exist), Anarchy Online beta doesn’t start until at least July (assuming the choose me) and Shadowbane beta doesn’t start until November (assuming they decide to follow up and actually send out those beta accounts the promised everyone).

Thanks for reading my rant and sorry if it offends anyone, actually if you’re offended fuck you too=)

To anyone friend or foe that has quit UO recently (and doesn't take my ranks personally) that wants to be possibly move onto other games with us respectable pvp types from Pacific UO e-mail or icq me.

May 28, 2000-12:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
Guardians of What?
Agent 00’Stink infiltrated the guild known as Guardians of Light (GoL) after several hollow threats were made at him and OPP. After a few months he was quickly promoted up the ranks to the highest possible promotable rank: Guardian.

Meanwhile several other OPP members were also able to gain entrance into GoL to support Stink. After careful planning today, Saturday May 27 was chosen as the day to reveal our selves. Knowing that the GoL GM would be offline for most of the day OPP members traveled to Trammel and began slaughtering GoL. Needless to say those threats made against OPP months ago proved to be some sort of a bluff or a joke as GoL were terfed left and right. Their obvious lack of combat skills and training showed especially when several high ranking GoL members showed up in-groups of 10+ and were quickly dispatched by 3 OPP/GoL members.

Perhaps one-day people will learn to keep their mouths shut until then OPP will be here to break their jaws.

Here is a few Choice Quotes for the Great Honorable GoL:

"Can't kill me 1 on 1 can you cause your worthless"
-Weldon of GOL
See Corpses Above.

"ur mom gives good head"
"I will strive to be Honest, Respectful of others, Trustworthy and Honorable in all aspects of life in UO."
-GoL Law
It's funny how all these idiots say anyone that PvPs is a KeWlDoOd (Whatever the hell this means?) then turn around and say stupid shit like this constantly.

"you mom sucks good dick too"
"I will strive to be Honest, Respectful of others, Trustworthy and Honorable in all aspects of life in UO."
-GoL Law

May 25, 2000-12:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
Recent Victories:
The Black Horde of MoFos
Bud $mokers Only
Dr.Strangelove And Skull
Four Horsmen of the Apocolypse
Hells Angels
(KGB) The Knights of Glory and Beer
The Pacific Monkeys
The Virtue Guard

May 24, 2000-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
WTF is going on Here!
I got the biggest shock today when I logged in:
After trying to hold down my laughter I headed over to the KGB tower where Magius had been camping. I walk up and see him doing a little 2 Vs 1 with Bellis and Drake. Bellis died before I even get a spell off and Drake recalled with no life. KGB began to recall in and mass up in their tower. Mag left just as Penn and Nitro to showed up and I figured we would get a nice little fight out of this…or not…

So after sitting outside the KGB tower for awhile outnumbered 2 to 1 it became clear KGB needed more guys to take us (I guess). They made a few weak attempts to fight out the door, which ended up getting about half of them killed. So they all ended up back inside and we got sick of waiting and went to camp the HH tower (but that’s another story).

About 10 minutes into our slaughtering of HH we got the great “we can’t handle this war” message from KGB. I mean honestly WTF kind of KGB is this? At least the old KGB flooded us with propaganda, mass recruited, and put up a decent fight every now and then. What is the use of this new embarrassment calling them selves KGB? Which brings me to another subject. WTF is with people digging up corpses! You guessed it I’m talking about D&S. D&S was at best a guild that could bust out some good fights and wouldn’t recall (like every other guild OPP has warred) in 1 vs 1 situations. Now D&S is just another bandwagoning joke that has spawned some of the sorriest guild hoppers on Pacific. I don’t think a single original D&S is even on the stone. So why the hell are all these new trouble makers trying to jump into PvP by digging up names of old guilds? For mass recruiting purposes I assume but don’t these short-sited jackasses realize they are tarnishing the reputations of everyone that has ever worn those titles over their heads proudly?

Everyone go check out Orion and Magius’s new Page!
Post on the message board too!

HH is doing what?
A few of the geniuses (ya the ones that seem to flock to message boards) e-mailed me about how HH is kicking ass. Well just to clear a few things up from my perspective. HH are just about the easiest guild to kill in all of UO. Even with their bugs and bless vanqus they still drop like Alaskan Airline Flights. So to please the masses I thought I would bust out the ol’pic program and take pic of this god-awful massacre in Moonglow today (OPP took no losses).

Ya, there was so many corpses I had trouble getting them all in the pic.

May 22, 2000-1:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Links Section Updated:

Dragon Family

May 19, 2000-6:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Anyone with any info or accounts about the cheats/exploits/dupes being used by members of Hounds from Hell [HH] send them to me. This issue is being investigated by GM's who don't wish to be named (because they don't want their e-mails flooded). I can assure anyone that sends in any info, complaints, or personal accounts of HH doing anything fishy will have their e-mail read by a GM who is investigating this case. Solving this issue quickly is important not only because anyone with duped items can be banned (have you ever looted a HH member?) but because it's important to make sure those who cheat are stopped and banned so others are afraid to follow suit.

E-Mail Me


May 17, 2000-6:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Grabbed this from Lum's:

"For those of you worried about housing and the faction system, I am happy to be able to tell you that testing on both of these systems has started already. The Test Center shard for housing is currently available and the faction system Test Shard is up, but internal at the moment. We expect the faction system Test Shard to be available by the weekend."
Best regards,
Manager of Community Services

Looks like we'll be able to at least test Housing and Factions this weekend.

More Info from Calandryll

Check out Lum's e3 Coverage

May 14, 2000-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
HH Goes Order:
After turning order today HH thought they would try to test their luck in Occlo. After several attacks and tons of HH deaths they went back to ressing and attacking new ressed over and over. I guess it’s frustrating for HH to know they don’t have anything it takes to win. Even with vanqu weapons and odds they consistently loose battle after battle. Maybe one day these pathetic cowards will learn and put up a good fight. Until then I guess they will keep mass recruiting:

“BTW HH have been public now anyone can join HH.”
-Avatar GM of HH

and new res fighting. I just hope they put up a few good fights before they get banned.

D&S Undeclares Again:
After a few days of off and on warring D&S undeclared OPP once again.

May 10, 2000-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
DoH War Update:
After dropping down to 10 members and almost dropping out of existence DoH has gone standard and undeclared most wars. Accord to the OSI page they now have 1 war.

Links Section Updated.
Veni Vidi Vici

Shadowbane News:
A lot has been going on over at Wolfpack recently. A lot more info has been released and more to come here very soon.
Check it out.

May 8, 2000-3:30 P.M. PST-Jackal
WTF is OSI thinking?
After nerfing the hell out of PvP as we knew it they are planning on removing skilled PvP from UO. In concept OSI is planning on giving every veteran account 2 bless deeds. Imagine everyone and their brother having a blessed vanqu weapon. I see hordes of HH type lamers running around new ressed with nothing but a bless vanqu and 2 blue healers. So who exactly will these bless deeds help? As far as I’m concerned they will help those people who are afraid of conflict, aren’t prepared for war, like to talk trash, lack pvp skills or player skills, and are afraid to loose items. If this goes in I see PvP become on big vanqu fest, a joke, a waste of time, and the end of PvP in UO. I can honestly say out of everything OSI has done over the years this one change alone will make me quit. What is the point of UO if there is no sense of achievement?

Please e-mail OSI and tell them what you think.

Recent Victories:
We've had so many guilds undeclare in the last few weeks I've totally lost track but I'm going to try to put up a list:
1 man show
Attack on Society
Bananna Republic
The Beer Clan
Clan Gib
The Conclave of Power
Danni's Empire
Dr.Double D's & Company
Killer For Money
Knights Of the Purple Horde
Legion of Darkness.
Naked Playa's
overdose on blood
Revenge of Blood
Rip the System
Sage Puppets
Sorcerers Of The Black Dragon
Spirits of Darkness
Tyrannical Anarchy
Virtue Guard

May 5, 2000-12:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
TSL accepted the DoH war declaration at 8:15 on Thursday May 4. DoH tossed in the towel less then an hour later after getting slaughtered:

“TSL accepts war with DoH at about 8:15 pm... DoH undeclaires at about 8:35 pm same night.”
-Porthos of TSL

Obviously DoH was in over their head from the start but still tried to cover their inadequacies:

“I expected that TSL would have some balls and go without dragons and such. WE will redeclare soon as we have annihilated OPP. When we are standard we can make it one big happy fight, right now we have bout 200 ppl orange to us and dragons aren't needed.”
-Cpt Nemo of DoH

“you got as many people on your stone as you could then you waited till you had a good 15 guys to declare back. We arent warring the whole shard at the same time. We have enough OPP and DF to deal with. After we are through with Chaos then we can go 1 on 1.”
-Beast of DoH

TSL has used dragons in their last handful of wars. Nemo’s response is either an excuse or just a gigantic lack of preparation for the war. DoH has said numerous times that OPP are newbies, hiders, etc yet when faced with less then half the wars OPP has DoH runs with their tails between their legs making excuses as they go. I assume this means DoH members will be shutting their mouths in the near future since obviously they aren’t in the same league as OPP. At least Beast admitted DoH is in over their heads with just OPP and DF. Still at the end he tries to save face by offering the infamous “1 vs 1” (I would like to draw every ones attention to OPP News April 18). I’ll repeat this for everyone that missed it the first time. The majority of DoH are townies using what is according to OSI a bug in the system (war hammer) and massive armies of blue healers (while denying it). They immediately want to fall back on "Duel me Newbie" as their last line of defense. Lets face the facts here: DoH is in way over their heads and their member will be the first to say it, DoH is in the process of undeclaring wars to cover their tails, and DoH is becoming less active as each day passes. I wonder how long until DoH toss in the towel on this whole idea?

May 4, 2000-12:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Public Challenge:
War has evolved yet again; taken from the falling of all guilds opposing OPP in recent weeks a new shinny guild has popped up, DOH. Banded together with old leadership and new guild hoppers DOH has more then tripled its membership and is now the only OPP enemy seen on a daily basis. You might ask how is it possible!? Haha… They have a tactic that not only saves them from loosing anything valuable but also gets them kills from time to time. By mass recruiting every townie that would still stand against OPP and allies and using mass blue mage healing they have maxed out the UO guild war system. Basically they attack with minimal armor (if any), a weapon, and maybe an Order shield. Easily killed when alone (which never happens because they whole guild is made up of second charcs. They simple log in at the same time, attack, and then log out) but decent when grouped with VVV and @SS healers. By using minimally equipped townies with massive blue healer support they have dropped the risk of war down to nothing. Even if they loose (which they pretty much do every time) they loose nothing and are back in the fight instantly. So I thought I would say this one more time: To all guilds that wish to battle OPP in any way shape or form: Declare on us, come out of hiding, go to your stone, and declare war on OPP. Don’t be like these people.
Better to die as a hero then live as a coward.

No More Wars?
There has been a sudden lack of warring on Pacific. Maybe it’s that everyone is beat, maybe it’s that everyone is gone, or maybe it’s that everyone is training? Whatever the reason is OPP has lost over 20 wars in the last 3 weeks. Even with new wars coming in everyday OPP can’t keep our other wars from undeclaring. With VxG loosing members and falling off the face of Britannia along with TDP, ???, and almost all active Orders OPP is left again with nothing to do except to bash newbies that carry just a sword and a shield knowing they have no chance of victory.

May 1, 2000-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Ultima Online:
I was reading this gigantic post over at Lum's Board and it got me thinking about what really made UO great. Something that most of the people playing UO now can’t even begin to imagine. Something that made me play this game for almost a week straight when I first got it (eat, sleep, school, UO). I can’t imagine playing UO for more then an hour or 2 at a time now, not only because I would fall asleep do to boredom but because there is no sense of responsibility or accountability, no economy, and worst of all no need for friends and companions. I think the best way to describe this is my by talking about my first few weeks on UO (yes I still remember them pretty vividly). I was sitting in a Warcraft II chat over on Kali waiting to get a few more people and some guy popped in and started telling us about this great game he was beta testing called Ultima Online. After talking to a friend at work that had just bought the game I rushed down to Best Buy and bought UO. With 3 friends over we literally played for about 8 hours straight, trading off but never missing a beat. None of us had ever played a game that had so much to it. After testing UO out for a day some of my friends were interested in trying out, so along with my brother and some of his friends we all started playing UO.

After a few days on UO trying to figure out WTF I was doing I stumbled across an outpost west of Britain that my friend Blade/Bob/Cpccz has told me about. This place has always PACKED because it had 5 chests that spawned full of weapons and armor every few minutes. Conveniently next to these chests were 2 training dummies that we used to raise our STR and skills while we waited for the chests of endless loot to re-spawn. Soon we were all there: DA GREAT HOUDINI, Mcwop, Aragon, Shag, Style, Malius, BLADE, and I. In our black robes (well almost black since true black dye didn’t exist), blood red capes, plate armor, bows, viking swords, and heater shields. By today’s standards the sorriest group of newbies to ever set foot in Britannia but back then we were formidable to say the least. With our 80 swords and 50 magery we would kill hordes of orcs that spawned at the orc fort just West of the chest spawning Outpost and sometimes walk over to shame to killed orcs, liches, and pks. Not only did we need each other to be successful; it was all but necessary for our survival. There very few PKs (contrary to popular belief) but everyone knew who they were. They were smart and skilled but more importantly understood UO (something most people were still not even close to grasping). I can remember sitting in Shame, as 5 antis would run by yelling “PKS RUN FOR IT” with only 2 pks chasing. That was what made UO great! Not the fact that the PKs were superior but the fact that they were Dread Lords. The fact that they were confident and acted without thought or compassion. People feared them and when you left a guarded zone there was always that pesky reminder in the back of your mind about that a Dread Lord that might attack. Not like today where 10 reds pile out of a gate and gang everyone in sight. Back when a Dread would simply hide in the middle of the forest and wait. Maybe for 15 minutes or maybe for an hour for their victim. When you could role-play true evil or true good. When UO gave an adrenaline rush and you felt like you could trust your friends (not because you perhaps knew them better but because you needed each other!). When gold was actually valuable and when people traded items rather then just buying 50 and stock piling their castles. When people planned attacks on the antis that would sit outside or inside dungeons waiting for pks to kill. When antis would sit at Trisnic and Britain bank waiting for word of a PK attack so they could gate into action and battle. Not for loot or ego boosts but for fun!!! When there was full events role-played out everyday on MSG boards and guild pages. When there was no grey area, no looters, no npks, and no one getting away unpunished for their actions: good or bad. You were either good evil or running for your life to either side for protection from the other. UO was unpredictable and totally new. Not because the game was new but because there was so much going on that one could never keep up.

That was UO, it was harsh and people died a lot. They lost everything they owned when they died, cursed the people that killed them, and vowed revenge. The weak were simply pushed to the side and often found them selves playing miners or mules hoping one day to gain a full understanding of what UO really was. Sure there were massive cheats, dupes, and bugs but all the mistakes were over shadowed by rich economy and player interaction. Honestly I hardly noticed, nor did I care. Very few people older then a month would complain and UO was IMHO the best game ever. It went miles beyond any other game because more then anything it was new ground. It was being made not only for profit but to realize a dream that an online community can survive and people would log in every night after work to take part. The moment that dream was lost UO was lost. The moment people sell out they are dead. Every game after UO and the UO we know today has been all about immediate profit at any ones expense. Look around, the new UO is made up of everything the original UO stomped out. When you cheated, exploited, looted, or just generally acted like an ass you were hunted down. Those antis who would work so hard to protect you would forget to and those pks who might have let you escape slaughtered you. When stat loss came in it wasn’t because the miners didn’t want to get PKed, it wasn’t because PKs completely controlled the world, and it certainly wasn’t because there wasn’t enough antis (there was actually way to many): it was because people wanted to be able to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted with no consequences. People always look for the easy way out (that’s a fact). Stat loss was the easy way out for a lot of people who would have other wise quit UO because they would have had to actually work to achieve greatness. Someone once said: “It’s not the trophy itself, it’s what that trophy represents that makes everything worth while.” After stat loss was put in I saw most of my friends leave. I myself almost quit but instead found myself reeking havoc on anyone and anything I saw. I found myself getting involved in huge guild wars in an attempt to regain what was ripped from me. Now I find myself closely surrounded by good friends and outside that completely surrounded with absolute idiocy. The same people that everyone, antis and pks alike had worked so hard to remove from UO ruling the lands, controlling the game, and trashing the vision of UO. Ultima Online can’t be and never will be what it was because of the player base and general attitude of everyone. I find myself at that crossroads I was faced with almost 2 years ago, I find myself the only remaining member of the Original Thugs, (which is now known as OPP). My friends are once again leaving UO and this time I don’t think its worth my time or effort to start over.

April 26, 2000-10:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
And We Wait…
OSI still has only patched 3 servers with the beginning of UO: R. It seems to me that they were under such pressure from the players they patched early and are now frantically trying to fix all the bugs and cover their asses. Well like I said before there is a lot in the works over at OSI other then what is listed at UO: R so relax, wait, and continue to post on the Dev Board over at COB.

Inactive Warring:
I think I’ve seen a total of about 10 oranges in the last week. Need less to say warring is way down for all guilds, OPP included as everyone changes skills and prepares for Factions and other rep changes.

Links Section Updated:

Please Don't Ban Me, Thanks :) [DBM]
Worker's Coalition

If you want your webpage linked here e-mail me.

April 23, 2000-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
UO: R Where are You?
I was about to make another post about how UO: R had been delayed and remembered it actually hasn’t been delayed this time! Yes that’s right after the server returns from its scheduled maintenance UO: R will be active! Well, not all of UO: R but at least some of it. Factions have been delayed indefinitely while bugs are worked out and Housing won’t begin till sometime next week. Hopefully this will be the beginning of something happening in UO again.
More Info

OPP and Factions:
OPP will be joining the faction wars along with our allies. At this point it looks like we will be joining the Minax Faction (although we would like to be on the side with the least amount of people so this might change). As of right now everyone is frantically trying to change skills around so there hasn’t much warring if any. Basically a lot of people will be off and on the stone with all different characters testing them out in preparation for the Factions.

This was sent out on 4-20-00:
“Join our new guild designed to kill chaos hoe townies!!! Cormac is GM right now... msg him if you wanna get on stone... we're putting the stone at our new tower when new lands come in... and we'll go order then. SO JOIN NOW.... and we'll put the whoopin on the townie sluts from OPP, CH... just to name a few... JOIN JOIN JOIN... msg me or cormac if u wanna get in now!!!! we are MoD”

This from UOfun, 4-22-00:
“JOIN MY GUILD HERE IS INFO Guild Name: Messaggeri Della Morte (Messengers of Death in Italian) Guild Colors: Blue (Very dark or Very Light), and White, Black Purpose: To Destroy the Chaos ring (DF, CH, OPP, GF etc.)”

This from UOfun, 3-20-00:
“A new guild hath been founded!
Townies only allowed
the guild is called Attack on Society, OPP CH all those Chaos bitches will die and because they never come out of Ocllo town where magery works
We go to them with townies.."

We all know that Cormac has been just about the number one guild hopper on Pac but now he is making it public. I was just thinking back trying to remember how many guilds this guy has been in and got an ICQ asking everyone to join this months shinny new bandwagon (even though no one will join). Anyone that can name all the guilds Cormac has been in gets a…umm…I donno, I wonder if Cormac even remembers.

April 18, 2000-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
“Duel Me Newbie”
A post on UOfun got me thinking about dueling. What is the real purpose of a duel and in the end what does it mean? I’m sure there are a few people out there that like to duel because they just like to duel but I think the majority of the people in UO (specifically any that talk a lot of trash about duels) duel because: they have very few friends, aren’t good at group conflict, count on connection speed instead of skills, and will do anything to save face. Even if they loose there is always an excuse: “I lagged”, “hit wrong button”, “you cheated”, etc. Something else I’ve noticed lately, specifically in the TDP war is that most of these “save face” type people will run away from the general public so if they do loose they can deny it or even say they won. In my opinion there is no real test of PvP skill in UO other then longevity. Any idiot can run up and do an explosion, e-bolt, hally combo to win a fight but not many people can handle constant fighting on a daily basis for any extended period of time. It’s funny how some folks consider a duel the sole test of “newbieism” when there are so many outside/luck factors that can and always do throw the duel. In a perfect world every spell would do the same damage and everyone would do the exact same thing but UO is about as far from perfect as any world can get. Between he lag, bugs, and randomness no duel or fight can ever be a legit test of anything. So in the end what does winning a duel mean? To me it means a few things:
a) You have the skills to defeat the other person (although the other person may have those same or better skills, and yes PvP does take reflexes and skill).
b) You had the luck of the random UO code on your side.
As more and more people are involved the luck factor is reduced and can provide a better "test" but still not a true test. In a buggy and generally screwed up system/game no one fight can determine anything. And I didn’t even mention other things it takes to win: like leadership, communication, etc. So why do so many people use duels as their testing platform? I still don’t understand it….

In my opinion the main purpose of a duel is to make up for past shortcomings and in the end it means absolutely nothing. I wish more people could just fight for fun and except defeat. No one can win all the time and when you loose it doesn’t necessarily mean the other people were “better” or deserved victory.

UO: R Where Are You?
We now have everything we need for UO: R to run but it’s still being tested on Sonoma. From what I’ve heard Pacific will be patched sometime in the next 3 days and housing will start at the beginning of next week. Still no word on the faction system.

April 15, 2000-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Lack Of Events:
Do to the fact that nothing worth talking about has been happening in UO I haven’t been updating. It finally looks like OSI is going start to patch UO: R which was scheduled for Friday, then delayed to Saturday, then delayed again to Sunday. Think they’ll delay it again? Basically the first few patches will be the party system, change of art, and the other world. After a week or so we might see Phase One of housing. As far as faction are concerned OSI has been considering a few changes to the basic Reputation set up of the PvP world. These changes could include a few things that could make a lot of us very happy, then again they also could include a few things that could make a lot of us very angry. I’ll just say that PvP in UO will be very different in a few weeks, hopefully for the better. Things will definitely pick up very soon and the updating will be rolling in again.

Combat Changes:
The combat changes will do a few things: promote group fighting because everything is much more powerful and make connection speed a lot more important because of the dex delay changes and the aggressor recall. The balance between fighters and mages in an attack party will become very important and we will see less and less “soloing”. Hopefully these changes will diversify PvP and speed along the necromancy patch.

*Gets ready for a whole new set of bugs*

April 9, 2000-2:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
Say What?
“In Other GAME News:
CH Is it Dead or Alive?
DEAD IT IS! Constant Asswoopings by the combined forces of Andrea and myself making raids on all Chaos hang outs makes it hard for a player to leave for 1 sec to even take a piss nowadays.
Other Chaos Guilds are also dying. Now that we got Mages AND Townies there is no place OPP, CH, and DF can hide. Out of town our mages are way better In town our townies are way better WE WIN WE WIN! If you want to join the fight against the shit eating fools aka. CHAOS”
-Cormac of ? (Wait, he has been in about 15 guilds in the last 3 months, so what is the guild of the week Cormac?)

Aftermath is Cormac’s townie. Why did he make this townie? Who knows? Has he actually killed anyone with this townie? I doubt it. You would think he would finish his mage first but maybe he just got sick of getting his ass kicked and wanted to be able to attack with just a sword and a few bandages. Or maybe he was to embarassed to show his face on his main anymore. Either way this post is laughable to say the least. CH is dead? Well actually Nightmare hasn’t been playing much and even though the CH GM is inactive I still see groups of CH fighting enemies on a daily basis. OPP, CH, and DF hiding? That’s a first since Cormac (and whatever guilds he is in this week) and Andrea (who I haven’t seen in weeks) are the first to run like hell when they see OPP coming. Where does this idiot get off bashing people who he has no prayer of beating much less even standing a chance against? ODB is dead and any guild Cormac bandwagons to is right behind them.
Like a wise man once said:
“I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with your ignorance on a daily basis.”
Now Cormac, go crawl back into your hole, you’re a joke and you disgrace any guild you join. Do us all a favor and disappear.

Help! Get the Dragons!
As our enemies switch modes from fun warring to revenge warring I can’t help but laugh. Today after killing 4 PR8 (or whatever they’re called now) dragons (outnumbered and without dragons) our enemies came back with more people and 5 Dragons.

OPP really appreciated all these compliments. Honestly if it takes 5 Dragons and about 20 oranges to take down a group of about 10 combined OPP and OPP allies I think that says a lot. Maybe one day our enemies will be able to face us straight up but until that day I guess they will just hide behind dragons. Our enemies finally found the OPP weakness: we like to have fun challenging wars.

Why do you Blue Heal?
Is it because you are just scarred? Is it because you are “lagged”? Is it because you can’t play your main? Or maybe your reason is the same as this guy?

April 4, 2000-1:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
TDP War takes a turn for the Worse:
After a few weeks of fun warring and OPP wins TDP has gone back on several statements about several aspects of war. Yesterday OPP occupied the TDP hometown of Moonglow all day despite the massive blue support. The fighting came down to one big battle for occupation of MG: OPP gated in just outside town and slaughtered Order/NPK/TDP forces and retook the town. After that battle TDP and NPK forces were ressed and asked to leave at which point several NPK and Order townies grabbed weapons and tried to pick off OPP members. After chasing townies for about 20 minutes OPP forces were unorganized and dispersed. TDP then gated into MG with two tamers and started with the para/”all kill” routine on the mixed up OPP forces (which I take full responsibility for). I believe OPP lost 5 and TDP lost one, which is a definite victory for TDP. OPP moved back to Occlo to regroup and TDP stuck around to res kill (even though OPP had just ressed them in the previous battles) and carry on the TDP hypocrisy which is illustrated in one TDP members words “TDP doesn’t res kill unlike lame ass OPP” . After being res killed about 30 times

and being called every name in the book TDP moved onto Occlo (Eric of NPK stayed behind to res kill) where the fighting continued but not full out because there were 5 OPP in MG being res killed. Here is the point: When this war started I was under the impression this war would be a fun war between skilled PvPers. Last nights fighting was a perfect example of what the majority of TDP truly is. Trash talking, immature, hypocritical, cowards who play on fast connections and think that automatically earns them respect. I’m suddenly reminded of VxG and KGB.

X-Roads Assassins Return:
The OPP thief guild is back in anticipation of the new thievery changes. The OPP thief guild known as XRA was founded back in the spring of 1998 but was scrapped after the thieves were nerfed. We hope this time OSI will get it right and continue to bring back the art of stealing.
Allies Section

Recent Victories:
4-Horsemen of the Apocalyse
Night Riders
Church of Zoroastrianism
Smiths of the Light
Angel Eyes

April 1, 2000-1:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
“Attention All Avid Pacific Ultima Online Players. The guild of ODB is looking for members to battle the guilds of evil which are overtaking our shard. These guilds are TBH, OPP, CH, and DF. We need members, and we need them fast! We are a well organized guild (Of SKILLED PvPers) that I personally feel has a LOT of warring potential.”

This was sent out yesterday by members of ODB in an attempt to mass recruit anyone in UO. Last weeks guild of the week DR$ has already bombed and the fall out is heading to the shinny new bandwagon called ODB. I can’t help but notice this line: “The guild of ODB is looking for members to battle the guilds of evil which are overtaking our shard.” Ummm? So the guild formally known as overdose on blood is a “good” guild now? Since this new reformed ODB is such a great role-playing guild I look forward to many role played battles in the future.

Give Back my Table! The Tale of a Blue healer:
I thought this was kind of funny:
Yesterday after chasing 2 ODB into a house NE of Occlo one of them tried to unlock tables and chests then relock them in order to trap himself in the corner so we couldn’t loot him after we killed him. Unfortunately for him we got him while he was saying, “I wish to release this” so we nabbed a couple colored tables and promptly donated them to the newbies of Britania. A short while later the owner of the house (who just happened to be one of the blue cowards who has been healing our enemies for about 2 weeks) came and accused us of using bugs to take his table (ya know, we know all these great bugs and we use them to steal tables). Today after visiting the house we found a locked down book on our doorstep (which is next door) that said, “give my table back”. I felt it my duty to offer him a brand new table dyed any color he wants for the low price of 40K. I guess that upset him and this is what he had to say:

So I thought it would be interesting to take pics of his little threats and then submit my log to a GM so lets all keep our figures crossed and hope he messes with our stuff. I like seeing cowardly newbie exploiters banned!

March 28, 2000-11:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
Balancing for Mages:
The reactive armor and protection spells will be under going changes to make them more useful in protecting the mage. This was definitely needed and still may not be enough to counter all of the Warriors buffing that is going in.
More Info

Blue Healer Squads:
Last night a combined group of T$M, AoS, -_-, iLi, and HH numbering over 15 attacked Occlo and brought along 9 blue healers. As much as OPP loves a good fight I have to say this has gotten out of hand. We’re outnumbered to begin with and the only enemies that have anything worth looting are blue. In response to this OPP might be forced into a repeat of the OBM war where we all took out our tamers and slaughtered them until they undeclared. So basically this is a threat to all the guilds that only attack when they have massive blue healers. OPP has a lot of tamers which we don’t use because they are amazing unbalanced but if this continues we will use them to over come the blue healer factor. I only hope it doesn’t come to that. We enjoy large scale fighting, however we do not enjoy fighting blues.

A band of newbies that popped up a few weeks ago seems to think they are going to gain or deserve some sort of fame by making up stories about OPP. This war started as an order war which of course VxG backed out of and now only attacks when with other guilds who have done the same (S-P, PR8, etc). Why do people think getting their asses handed to them daily will earn them some sort of respect? I do respect those that have the guts to put up a fight BUT that does involve actually fighting. If it didn’t I could go join P^H and run around all day recalling and running from every orange I see and be the biggest bad ass in Pac! Maybe all of this is just beyond me because I’ve never been one to spout out BS I couldn’t back up but every time I see it I can’t help but laugh and think about how far UO has dropped. Where do these newbies get off saying they are all this when they have no credit to their stories and no respect for anyone? Ohh, well, who knows…?
Cowards of Pacific

Recent Victories:
Allied Immortalz
Inside Connection
The Iron Vine
Kiljox's Ruff Ryder's!
Revenge Of Blood
TiCal -_-

March 26, 2000-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
What is a Fair Fight?
How much does a blue healer count for? Does connect speed effect a fair fight? Well these questions have finally been answered. Today in Occlo we fought a group of 3 townies with 3 blue healers. They would die, res and come back (god knows how many heal regs the blues used). Point is the 5 OPP had a hard time taking them down (4 of us were mages) then afterward we earned the title of gang banging lamers. So because we didn’t use blue healers and because we were using mages in town we’re gang banging lamers. Today in Moonglow Fire finally decided it would be fun to stay on the same screen as me for more then 5 seconds and fight. Combo: explosion, hally, weaken, weaken, weaken, hally, explosion, hally eb, weaken, weaken, then comes the help in the form of Gwen who starts tossing ex para into the mix. Of course this wasn’t enough to kill me but the thing that got me was they were both talking huge amounts of trash about how much I suck (which is probably why I lived, the pauses they had were no doubt from typing). So I go to combo Fire and Shadow Lord (a blue healer) heals him. TDP the guild that begs for duels proved they are total and absolute hypocrites. But wait! I’m not done yet: Sir Jason of OPP came along and jumped in the fun. Good finally a 2 vs 2. We heal through their mana and start to attack. Combo Fire and Shadow Lord heals again. Fire at about 30% life runs for it while Gwen sticks on me. I go after Gwen, and then Shadow Lord heals Gwen, so I head over to Jason and attack Fire again hoping that the 2 of us could over come the blue healing. After running around chasing Fire for a few minutes I catch a bad combo from them and die. Shortly after I returned new ressed to find Shadow Lord killing my horse and he immediately starts calling me a newbie lamer with no skills. After a bit of trash talking from 3 BLUES who of course either don’t war or are afraid to log on oranges I get res killed by Gwen. Lets review here: Blue healers count just as much as an orange. Concentrated healing for a townie is almost better then having another orange. People who talk a lot of trash about fair fights are basically full of shit. Most of these people have T1’s or cables and spend most of there time doing weaken over and over or the ever so effective Explosion, Eb, Hally, run combo. Welcome to UO: land of immature, trash talking, hypercritical, idiots.

In Conclusion a fair fight is one where the numbers are close to even and there is no blue healing at all. A fair fight is one that stays in one general area and doesn’t lead 5 screens away because someone with a good connection can’t take the heat. Do these type of fights happen? On the rare occasion of OPP loosing a big fight I see our corpses very close to each other. Maybe this is just luck or maybe it’s the reason why we don’t loose very often. But then again OPP is just a band of gang banging newbies, right?

March 24, 2000-10:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Probably the sorriest group of newbies in all of UO has spoken out again. According to TL members OPP are just a bunch of newbies. After defeating this guild in our last war it seems they want to go round two. Unfortunately their leader says we’re too good…to bad he can’t keep control of his members. I wish even if for one day all these spoiled little brats would have to face non stat loss Dreads. I miss the days when you knew your place and if you stepped out you had a whole world of trouble on your ass. I guess UO is better with a bunch of early teen kids running around cussing and spamming though. WTG OSI!

March 23, 2000-11:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
We Win Again!
After constant complaining to OSI about the bias moderators at COB OSI has decided to open up message boards of there own. Well I would like to think everyone complaining had something to do with it. Anyhow there will be new message boards opening up around the same time as the UO:Renaissance Patch. The actual purpose of this is unknown other then to: “provide a forum for communication with novice and veteran Ultima Online players alike”. I just hope they take down that god-awful Dev Board on COB, get some real moderators, and put up an OSI run Development Board.
More Info

Global Center Lags!
EA (OSIs parent company) has worked out a deal with Metromedia Fiber Network, Inc and its subsidiary AboveNet Communications, Inc. to put together a: "Superior Fiber Optic Internet Infrastructure”. So what does all this mean? Well, hopefully it means sometime in the near future EA will be giving GC the boot and maybe just maybe UO won’t lag so much. Then again, maybe not.
More Info

WTF is with the New Ressed Townies?
For the last couple of days there has been a constant stream of new ressed townies running rampant in Occlo with nothing but a weapon and a blue healer. If the only way you can win is to use blue healers and unequipped unskilled newbie townies you have some serious problems. I wish that our enemies could get their act together and put up a decent fight. So far our only enemy that has been out equipped orange is TDP. Of course that war rages on and has been a blast! It’s been awhile since OPP has had the opportunity to kill mages that don’t have line of x-oranges (now blue) healing them.

Huh? The trash talk continues but still no action from DRS. Clearly outmatched in all 5 of our previous wars DRS have taken to the message boards. Every time we see a DRS there are comments either calling OPP lamers or newbies. So here is my simple question: Why not war this ridiculous horde of newbie lamers you talk so much about? Hopefully sometime in the near future DRS will stop hiding behind their blue status and put up a fight that lasts more then 2 hours. Guilds like this make me wonder how and if the Faction System will actually work. We all know they will be to terrified to get involved.
Cowards of Pacific

March 22, 2000-1:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Res Killing?
OPP policy is to res kill all enemies who we believe are trying to re-equip and continue to fight. This could include anyone in any town (including Bucs). However we will not res kill without a reason. If an OPP member breaks this policy I would appreciate an email with a pic and the circumstances. DO NOT GO COMPLAIN ON THE MESSAGE BOARD. This has been the scene the last few days any time OPP die:

Spider of PR8: "This is fun"
Nightwolf of PR8: "I hate OPP"
Taz of PR8: "Mother F#@kers"

Res killing in the healer shops is totally uncalled for and just shows the true enemy OPP is against. Its obvious our enemies encourage this type of action and it clearly shows how far UO has come in 2 years from honorable warriors to a bunch immature kids who get off on res killing and cussing.

March 21, 2000-1:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
We Win!
Stat Loss Poll on COB:
Yes: 614(54%)
No: 477(42%)
I don’t care: 33(2%)

Seems 54% of the people that actually care about what happens believe stat loss should be removed in consent areas. Will this poll alone change anyone’s mind? I doubt it but it did peak curiosity in what people really want and another poll has been posted regarding stat loss (this is a record BTW, COB admins are strictly for stat loss in all forms so we need to take advantage of these polls because of their location).
Go Vote! Be Heard!

Diablo until SB?
Well as the informed folks know the Diablo II beta sign up was yesterday and OPP did sign up. They are only selecting 1000 people so who knows if any of us will even be chosen BUT if the game is good it MIGHT be a decent substitution until SB release which has been pushed back again to August and will no doubt be pushed back again.

March 20, 2000-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Pictures section updated.

Order Guilds Defeated:
In the last 2 weeks every order war against OPP undeclared Order in an effort to team up and single out OPP. Not that this is a problem for OPP but lets face it when our enemies all group up in grouped of 25+ we’ll just stay on away and pick off stragglers. It’s not the most exciting thing to do but it keeps us equipped. I wish our enemies could group up and take on enough guilds so we can put out equal numbers and have big wars.
A growing list of guilds that couldn’t handle being Order:
PR8, S-P, AYE, VxG

March 18, 2000-10:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Seige of LB's Castle:

Ok, well, not really but there was a lot of people there. A lot more then this pic shows (unfortunately I can't upload large pics because restrictions from iwarp). All these people came out and lagged the hell out of Britain for a protest against stat loss. The COB board has been pelted with posts about the removal of stat loss in the new PvP lands. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of the protests and I hope to have advanced warning of these events in the future so I can let everyone know.

The stat loss poll is still up over at COB so if you haven't voted yet Go Vote!

When are Factions going in?
I heard from several reliable sources that they will start patch portions of what will be the faction patch next week (of course this isn’t confirmed). The last few things were moved to the In Testing section of the Update Center a couple days ago. How drastically will these changes effect PvP? Go see for yourselves but my advice would be get those warriors finished up.

I’ll keep everyone updated on this one as often as possible.

March 16, 2000-1:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
What is a Gang Bang?
Well this seems to be the complaint of the month so I think I’ll give my 2 cents worth. All guilds attack in-groups because they want to have the advantage. Those people whom:
a) don’t have any friends because they are idiots
b) friends are cowards
c) just plain have no pvp skill or charc skills
use “gang banging” as an excuse to make up for the above reasons. Lets face it if you see 5 names coming in you recall. Most smart non-lagged people will never die to a gangbang. The other reason to use “I got gang banged” as an excuse is when your friends get beat down and you are the only one left running from a group of enemies. THIS IS NOT A GANGBANG! Haha, I mean honestly when I do a 4 vs 4 and I’m the last one left I try to grab what I can and recall. I don’t sit there, die and then cry “gang banging lamers” all day. Basically it’s just an excuse people use to help them vent their anger that normally would be directed at themselves because they screwed up.

S-P Backs Down:
S-P undeclared order and on TDP last night in an effort to team up against OPP. It’s come to my attention that there isn’t a guild left in this game (other then OPP and allies) that can handle active warring. After all the big talk we’re left with a guild that can’t even handle more then one war at a time.

Stat Loss Removal Poll:

Yes: 401(57%)
No: 289(41%)
I Don’t care: 11(1%)

There is 5 days left on this poll and we’re clearly winning so keep it up and if you haven’t voted yet Go Vote! With Diablo II and SB betas starting I see a lot of people quitting in the near future so even if we can’t get stat loss removed we can paint a clear picture to OSI so they know why we’re all leaving and in the end why their game died.

Blue Cowards:
As more and more guilds undeclare on OPP we are having more and more trouble with blues following us around. I don’t just mean healing our enemies here and there but literally following us around, cussing, dispelling gates, and generally acting like cowards. To counter that I went ahead and made a public challenge to those guilds to declare and back themselves up. Of course out of all those guilds we only managed to get one new war. There just isn’t enough new blood coming into this game to counteract the amount of people pussing out. Hopefully Factions will stir these idiots up and get them back involved. Following with today’s theme of dumbasses who talk the talk and can’t walk at all I’ve added a new section called Cowards of Pacific

March 14, 2000-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Poll About Stat Loss:
After days of hounding by the napa pvp community the COB admins were forced to put up a poll concerning the removal of stat loss once concent areas are in. Finally we have a chance to show how we really feal and this time no one can complain or say it was a set up. Go Vote!

March 13, 2000-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
This is it everyone:
The end of this game is here if we don’t do anything about it. EVERYONE needs to get their asses over to the COB Dev Board and start actively posting. The new combat changes are in on Test Center and I’ve been testing them for the last few hours. Maces are god weapons; they do 50+ damage a hit, take stamina, and destroy armor. You can’t heal if you’re poisoned. So to win a fight all you have to do is cast poison every other spell and hope your enemy didn’t just spend 50k on greater cures to counter your 30 nightshade. As much as I would like to type up a huge news article here I’ll just say trust me if these changes go in PvP will be completely pointless. If you don’t believe me go log on Test Center and see for yourself.

It’s time we’re heard, go to the COB Dev Board and start posting.

March 13, 2000-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Changes Move To Test Center:
Most of the changes for the next patch are now on the test center.

In Testing

March 12, 2000-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
VVV Undeclared:
After about a month of hard fighting the guild known as Veni Vidi Vici undeclared last night to focus their effort on the newly formed D S (DRS). Being the last honorable war we had I wish them good luck.

Officially undeclared and corrected the bug immediately (for details check news for March 11).

Official Challenge:
OPP publicly challenges the below guilds to declare back and back up they talk and blue healing they have been doing:

TDP (Devilish Phantoms)
ESF (Earth Serpent’s Fang)
A-I (A$$holes Incorporated)
LK (Lady Killas)
TPs (The Prophets)
OoB (Order of Balance)
SKH (Shien an Khalar)
HM$ (Hosts of Hell)
TL (The Legend)
BH (Black Hand)

Back up those big words and bring it on.

A Note on the Upcoming Patches:
I don’t know when they will be put in and my best guess is as good as yours is. For details go to the OSI update center and read. I will no longer be explaining things via e-mail about patch info that’s posted on the OSI page.

March 11, 2000-2:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
DRS Is Back?
After loosing 4 previous wars to OPP it seems DRS thought they could go round 5 with us. After 2 quick and decisive battles that left hordes of dead DRS littering the ground they undeclared. Of course they did the stone bug though so we would be orange to them and they would be blue to us. Apon my talking to 2 different councilors and a few friends that have councilors I’ve learned this is a bannable offence. Haha, so if Pudrick doesn’t cover his tracks extremely well or declare back, he’ll be banned. Sounds like a win win situation to me.

March 8, 2000-9:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
I urge everyone to go check out the new changes In Development at the Uo Update Center.

The New Stuff:

One House per Account per Shard

The Party System

March 8, 2000-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
“Connection Lost”
Is it just me or is OSI service actually getting worse? It’s strange when you think something is rock bottom bad and it gets worse. Not only has Global Center never worked but now auto patch doesn’t work nor do the servers log ins. I can think of 4 or 5 different log in bugs that have popped up in the last few weeks. Here is the official response from OSI “re-install UO”. Yah ok I did that now what? “Get a new computer”. Yah ok I did that now what? “Hold on, we’ll get back to you” *waits* I think I have solved the problem. The first day the UO staff met the boss messed up the age old saying, “the customer is always right” and said, “the customer is always wrong”. After the first two dev teams got fired they actually figured out they have to actually know something about programming and actually have to have more then one member on the dev team that can read. So after 2.5 years they have finally posted an idea of a warring system that has about a 30% chance of working (considering all the potential problems). Is there even anyone at OSI that knows what a network is? When I pay my 10 bucks I can’t expect to get everything I want but I do expect to get a game that works. This actually reminds me of the release of EQ. Their routers were over loaded and messed up so they got a new one and gave all their customers 3 months free. I can only imagine wtf the morons over at OSI were thinking! Shit that little company based out of San Diego has at least one person that does customer support! “If we hire some customer support we will only have about 500 million net profit off this game! That’s unacceptable!” I think I can legitimately say that OSI has yet to put in a patch that I found worthwhile other then the skill locks. I’ve never heard one word about network problems and Global Center. Why the hell are we still playing this game? WTF are the rest of these so-called video game companies doing? Our hope lie with a no name company (wolfpack) who is making a game called ShadowBane. We’re all being played for fools and it sucks.

March 5, 2000-11:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
OPP Stance on New Res Killing Changes:
After yesterdays res battle against VVV in Occlo it was pretty obvious that action needed to be taken to prevent our enemies from taking advantage of our current position on this issue. At first it was just certain cowards who were taking advantage of our ressing of enemies, but now the situation is clear. This issue has been boiling down for the last few days and the fighting yesterday just sealed the deal. Our enemies will do anything in their power to defeat us. Taking advantage of our graces seems to have become the best and only way to defeat us. I can’t remember ever killing so many cowards with just EB regs or just a weapon in all my time on UO. Again OPP has made the effort to put our best foot forward and give our enemies the chance to make this game more fun and once again we have been screwed over for our efforts. All oranges will be considered KOS (Kill On Sight) at all time regardless of new res claims. OPP members still may res or gate people they consider worthy but this will not be done on the battlefield. For those of you that have acted in a respectable manner on this issue I’m sorry but this action must be taken to protect OPP first. When certain cowardly guilds are defeated and left in the dust changes may be made again to adapt to the ever changing world of UO.

100% Newbies Undeclares?
I'm not sure if this is an OSI Page error but it seems 100% has undeclared. Even though they are still order I can only assume that this means they will be returning to normal status and continuing the few wars they didn't undeclare.

March 5, 2000-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
Interesting comments on the ShadowBane Dev Board comparing the new faction system and UO:R to Shadowbane.

March 4, 2000-6:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Links Section Totally revamped with every link I could find. If I missed anyone let me know and I'll get it up right away.

March 4, 2000-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Faction System:
This system is basically chaos Vs order with 3 differences: there are 4 groups instead of 2, there are strongholds that must be defended for each faction, and cities can be taken over (well sort of). Basically there are a few immediate problems:
-Why should we participate?
Some of us will take part because it will give us combat with more of a purpose, even though there isn’t much purpose. But why would other people who don’t currently pvp much or don’t pvp at all want to be involved? The dev team doesn’t seem to care, basically this isn’t going to change a thing. There is no real goal; no reason to control a city other then to say you did it (just like now there is no reason to defeat other guilds other then to say you did it). So why would anyone participate? Maybe for a change of pace, I guess…
-No membership restrictions?
Ya, that’s right anyone and everyone can join. This will cause two basic/major problems: people naturally start conflict so everyone within the factions will constantly be bickering and EVERYONE WILL BANDWAGON TO THE WINNING SIDE. Not being able to police your own ranks will be a major problem.

What I think could be done to make this better:
Give us some sort of a goal. Perhaps if we hold four cities (at the same time) everyone in the faction gets 50k (or something like Christmas tickets) and for every city past four the prizes become better. I’m not sure how great of an idea this is BUT THERE HAS TO BE SOME POINT TO THIS WHOLE MESS. Put some sort of membership restrictions on the factions. Restrictions on numbers (based on the total membership of all four factions: the biggest faction can only have x amount of people compared to the smallest faction.) so one faction doesn’t get huge do to everyone trying to jump on the bandwagon. Also I would like to see some sort of restriction on reputation (after it is revamped, now it would be pointless since rep is meaningless) so we can role play something other then mass murderers trying to rule the world.

For full details on the upcoming changes click here.

March 3, 2000-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
A lot of new stuff going in, some good some bad. If you haven’t checked the update center in awhile go check it out .

February 29, 2000-1:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Siege of Cove Part II:

Cove was sieged again last night. This time the attack sported 3 GMs and a whole lot more gazers! There were 2 blue gazers and 1 Elder Gazer who was goldish. The 2 blues worked together and stayed pretty close to each other but in the end let us kill them. While everyone was busy with the blues the gold one disappeared.

Order Wars Continue:
The guild |%| has settled down from the initial new guild hype and is pretty inactive. S-P has also hit that point and seems to only be on when their tamer John Lenon is on with a couple fire breathers. The guild I_C merged with VVV (X-PGC members) with it seems a sole purpose, destroy OPP. We look forward to the challenge. TM has also stepped up activity and made a few attacks on Occlo in the last few days. All in all it’s fun and I hope we can all keep this type of fighting up!

Pictures Section Updated

February 29, 2000-1:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
D&S Victory:
I thought I made this pretty clear when i moved D&S to the victories section but lets make it official. After fading a few months back most members either quit UO or quit the D&S stone. I haven’t seen a D&S in months. Lonestar X-GM of D&S played as KGB during PGC and has yet to go back (as far as I know he’s playing on SP as a KGB). The other few remaining D&S: TSE, George, TaLoN, Bath, etc have all quit or moved on. Out of the other 4 on the stone I have only actually seen 2. Beg and Tariq, both of which I haven’t seen for months. Basically D&S has been whipped off the map. Although OPP can’t claim sole responsibility for there extinction we did play a major role in causing internal conflict and the defiantly made the last few that still play Pac quit D&S.

February 26, 2000-7:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Pictures Section Updated Through 2-25-00.

February 26, 2000-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
Pictures Section Up Again:
Pictures section will be updated regularly with pics from the waring.


February 25, 2000-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
The Order War Rages On!
Seems like everyday we get more and more order kills so to save this page from spamming pics everywhere I’ve decided to open up a new section for them called Order Kills or something like that=). Section will be up tomorrow or when ever I get around to it.

More Questing in Trinny:
Last night in Trinny we ran into 3 GMs: a Red mage chick, a black skel knight, and a green LL. I haven’t been keeping up much with the ins and outs of the quest but I have been having some fun trying to take down the GMs.

OSI helps OPP Reach 34 Guild Wars:
The new patch supplied us with a much needed war search engine so we could declare all the wars we wanted! OPP

Webpage Updated:
Most Sections of the webpage have been updated with new info. All but the links section has been updated. I hope to get the links section done sometime this weekend.

February 24, 2000-12:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
KGB Can’t Seem to Stop:
Here we go again. The KGB Sentinel was updated recently with this from Michael. I’ve selected a few quotes that I find interesting:

“Of course, as with any UO-related move, certain idiots (OPP) like to pretend that they are the cause of it all. The same thing happened with certain other idiots (TLD) a little while back, and history - well by gosh it just loves to repeat itself.”

First off I resent that initial cheap shot, idiots ehh? Secondly TLD had nothing to do with anything. With that said let’s think about this. A few high ranking KGB are talked into going to SP. Of course OPP had nothing to do with their decision, most of them never even log on so how could we? The thing that OPP did seriously effect was the other lower members leaving Pac. We don’t claim sole responsibility for KGB leaving Pac but had the OPP war never started I think a LOT of the lower ranking guys who were just happy on Pac (until they started getting slaughtered) would have never left.

“Any claims that we "ran off to siege" to avoid OPP or CH or anyone else is simply absurd.”

“OPP - They always come out of the woodwork whenever a new force rises up to fight KGB. OPP was non-existant for MONTHS after NC left; they had no webpage updates, no new battle pics, and were only found tagging along with CH on occasion.”

OPP could have never defeated KGB in huge group conflict by ourselves. We have about 25-30 active members compared to KGB’s 40 + anyone else that wants to bandwagon (usually around 90). However we still got our share of kills, even though they weren’t big victories, we were just cutting away at KGB forces waiting for closer odds to strike. Like I’ve said before we’re not going to take a force of 20+ head on with 5 guys, if anything is absurd it’s that argument that KGB continually brought up. OPP would just hit and run and get our kills that way. Sure it was tough to take down the big names (because they would run connection speed always helps) but we broke the other member’s will to fight. In the end it would have been just a few remaining PvP oriented KGB against us. They would have lost IMHO. As far as this page is concerned, it was full. We took down several sections including the pics (which is now the empty movies section) section to make room for more updates.

“KGB undeclared on them for a few reasons, (1) OPP was NEVER going to undeclare, they simply would go into hiding until the latest "guild of the moment" rose up to fight KGB, and then ride their coattails to glory. (2) KGB had it's hands full with TBH, which was the war we wanted to be fighting, and didn't want to deal with the handful of extra OPP who would tag along. (3) KGB had clearly dominated OPP on the field for months. While KGB membership remained solid, OPP membership plunged. Ex-OPP members switched to KGB and told us how they never got any support from their guild. It is only by our good graces that we didn't undeclare and claim victory.”

Pretty arrogant ehh? As we have proven in the past if we’re beaten we’ll undeclare, but if we’re making money and having fun we’ll continue the war. In KGB’s case we were making tons, KGB pretty much supported us for the duration of the war (remember we fought and defeated around 20 other guilds at the same time and about half of them would only show up with KGB. Look at D&S and OBM now if you want an example of what happened to all of them). It sucks when you go in over your head doesn’t it Michael? KGB started the TBH war blindly. Romeo (x-leader of Pac KGB) admitted he had no clue OPP and TBH were allied even though its been clearly stated on the OPP allies list for over 6 months. KGB simply didn’t do their homework before plunging into the TBH war. KGB leadership wasn’t seeing OPP on a regular basis because we were still doing hit and runs so KGB assumed this meant OPP couldn’t gather and fight anymore (wrong!). When we were able to put up a force of 7+ along with TBHs 15+ KGB knew they were screwed and undeclared. For example, during the PGC war OPP held the KGB tower on and off for 2 days straight. We would just sit there and pic off incoming PGC. We were never forced to leave even though we usually had only 5 or 6 guys. Clearly no one was dominated, KGB forced OPP to change tactics, something we did and were very successful at. OPP forced KGB to resort to hiding in houses and only coming out in large numbers. Yes, Mike your good graces saved you more public embarrassment. Ex OPP members were ex for a reason, I don’t really care what they said when KGB let them jump on the bandwagon. Fact is they were removed from OPP and KGB picked them up. I think that pretty much sums up KGB recruiting policy, sit around and pick up other guilds trash. As far as our membership plummeting? Go ahead and look at our member’s page and let me know how far we plummeted, lol. We lost a couple newer members and we cut a few people who weren’t pulling their weight. Dropped what? We lost about 6 members during the war? As opposed to KGBs 111 membership in September down to 60 before PGC was created.

“Hear me now and believe me later. Just as I said in one of my previous updates, people will shit talk this one for a while, and in about two months, they will start to say "damn that war was fun" and give respect where respect is due.”

The war was fun and I respect the honorable KGB that were involved. Before this update I even respected you Michael. As time passes I actually respect most of KGB less and less because every day there is more trash talked about OPP. Just like the DF war it’s clear that KGB CAN’T EXCEPT DEFEAT! Be graceful and honorable and just walk away. I thought that’s what the Honorable Knights of KGB were all about? Perhaps I was mistaken.

February 23, 2000-2:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
Orders Finally Start To Crawl Out of Their Holes:
We’ve had some decent fighting the last few days and even though |%| is already on less and less others like S-P have picked up the slack! Keep it up guys, the last two days have been fun (even though everyone is crashing left and right).
Pictures Section Updated

February 22, 2000-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
The Gradual Extinction of “The Old Days”:
After being banned from the COB Dev Board for almost a year they finally slipped up and let be back in. Now there is an X-PK (ME!) posting his views on issues and getting his posts deleted. I’m sure I’ll be banned again for simply posting my opinions. I have never cussed and I rarely insult anyone (even though everyone else does). So why am I constantly getting my posts deleted? Because I bring a point of view that the COB board moderators don’t agree with. Indirectly the people who moderate that board, control what happens in OUR game. Most of the discussions on the COB Dev Board (the only board the dev team looks at) are about the stupidest things. All the posts concerning lag and global are deleted immediately. All posts concerning PKs and reds are deleted immediately. I sent an email to Sunsword about this problem and he said, “I’m sure they don’t do that” . I’ve come to this conclusion: OSI wants everyone that remembers how fun this game was to leave. They want anyone who spreads stories about Dread Lords, PK hunts, and a land with purpose stomped out. Lets face it the programmers have yet to address the major issues (Rep System, War System, and massive lag problems) because they don’t want to upset ANYONE. They know there PvP player base is leaving fast and they know they can’t compete with the new games coming out. I see the future of UO like I see the future of the guild GOL, a mass recruiting horde of 40 year old men and women who cause no problems and hunt monsters all day. UO is becoming EQ but UO isn’t as good as EQ if you take out PvP. I’m totally confused about this game and I can’t even fathom what the Dev team is thinking. I hear there are new lands coming out where PKing will be legal BUT if you PK in the new lands you can’t go back to the old lands where PKing gets stat loss. See what they are doing? They’re running us out, putting us in our own little area so they can built their little utopia where no one dies and everyone is a happy little slave. Are you a happy little little slave of OSI

February 22, 2000-1:30 P.M. PST-Jackal

Connection Lost

February 21, 2000-1:30 A.M. PST-Jackal
Order Guilds Do Exist After All!
The guild known as |%| (Cormac, Lemon, and the rest of them) popped up the other day and is mass recruiting away. Last night we had tons of fun tearing them apart and again today! This war is even better then Air, we’ve taken only a handful of losses while we’ve have been getting almost constant kills. This war promises to be great!
Pictures Section Updated

The Siege of Cove:
Another city was under siege last night, this time by Gazer Fiends. Even though Cove is a town no one even knows exists a few people showed up for the fighting. There was one GM gazer who had unlimited mana and the usual 10,000 hit points. However we did manage to box in him and beat him senseless twice. The second time we had him down below life, then poof. We didn’t get to kill the seer but the fighting was pretty fun. Unfortunately, every fun thing in UO has its down sides. Dawizard was running around blocking people that were low on life and trying to get them killed then looting. This even was put together by OSI to give the players who don’t like PvP combat a way to have some fun. Then comes some asshole like Dawizard who’s whole goal is simple, be an ass. It’s not like he actually needed the loot he was just trying to be to ruins the game for others. To bad he wasn’t banned along with the rest of D&S and KGB.

Recent Victories:
Clan Gib
Dannis Empire
Knights of Glory and Beer
Pacific Guilds Coalition
Spirits of Darkness
The Syndicate

February 20, 2000-3:30 A.M. PST-Jackal
Trolls Siege Vesper:
Tonight was one of the few times I actually enjoyed killing NPCs. There were a total of 3 seers playing “Troll Captains” and one seer playing a “Dark Troll”. It was a blood bath. The Lead trolls were hitting for 30’s with mace weapons (bye, bye stamina). Newbies were dropping left and right and gates were opening like mad with more and more newbies-piling out to soil the battlefield. It was crazy and now that I have taken part in one of these city sieges I can say I hope OSI keeps it up. I saw several newbies in death robes cussing at the GMs and cursing at OSI for killing them. Look around people this is what this game is all about! Questing and battling to be the best! Stop complaining, suck it up, and lay possessions on the line for a great night of fighting!

OPP Returns To OPP Stone:
With the disbanding of PGC today OPP has begun moving back to our own stone and will be doing so for the next few days.

February 18, 2000-3:45 P.M. PST-Jackal
PGC is No More:
“On Friday, at 11:59pm February 18th, 2000, forces known as the PACIFIC GUILDS COALITION including the guild of THE KNIGHTS OF GLORY AND BEER (KGB) and THE BLACK HAND will cease all hostilities. THE PACIFIC GUILDS COALITION will be the first to undeclare as it was the first to declare in this conflict.”

“Exactly 24 hours after the cease fire takes place, The PGC will officially disband. All members will be removed from the Pacific GuildStone and all additional wars undeclared.”

“Soon after KGB members will be invited to join the stone. KGB will discontinue Pacific recruitment and remaining KGB Pacific Members may continue to enforce the code on RED murderers as mandated in the KGB constitution.”

-JetStar of KGB
-From the KGB Sentinal

So basically KGB is disbanding and leaving the shard. Why would Jet agree to these terms? Simple, PGC was being torn apart, they were loosing about 10 members a day even though Jet was still recruiting every night. Without numbers we all know PGC would have imploded. After all the KGB allies backed out and broke alliances KGB had no real choice except to come to terms with TBH (in order to save face). Imagine if this war had been played out: clearly PGC would have lost and KGB reformed and they would be back to where they were after a week into August where they couldn’t even leave there houses. I don’t think Jet wanted to go out as the laughing stock of the shard so this was his only option. Congratulations to TBH on the win even though they can’t say so, I would defiantly consider this a victory for CH, OPP, TBH, and TSL because KGB has been run off the shard.
This is just my opinion so don’t assume any of our allies share it.

February 16, 2000-3:45 P.M. PST-Jackal
PGC Vs TBH War Ends:
Some time late last night or early this morning TBH and KGB came to terms and mutually agreed to end the war. That’s about all I know since I haven’t spoken with Mog or Jet and the TBH and KGB news have not been updated. More to come on this keep checking back=)

February 14, 2000-7:45 P.M. PST-FuNKMaSTaDiSasTa

New section to OPP added, "The Adventures of FuNKMaSTaDiSasTa." Please regard this section purely as entertainment (something for me to do while bored) and not actual fact. Also Happy Valentines Day to everyone! And for those of you who didn't know its my birthday too!^_^
The Adventures of FuNKMaSTaDiSasTa

February 14, 2000-7:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
PvP Changes:
Click Here for a full explanation of all changes.

Archery Changes:
-The minimum damage on bows, crossbows, and heavy crossbows will be increased.
-The maximum damage on bows, crossbows, and heavy crossbows will be decreased a small amount.
-The rate of fire will be increased a small amount for bows, crossbows, and heavy crossbows.
-The long equip delay for all bows will be tweaked. -Archery will have slight increase in its chance to hit when compared to other attacks.
-Issues with hitting while moving and firing will be addressed.

Archery is a very useful skill already! Most townies have it for it a reason! Anyhow these changes aren’t that bad and they will defiantly help the pure archer.

Poisoning Changes:
-You will not be able to heal a poisoned character through any method (healing skill, spells, potions, etc.) until they are first cured of the poison.
-Poisoned weapons will corrode unless wiped clean with oil cloth (which will be made by tailors). The more often a poisoned weapon is used before being wiped clean, the more durability it loses.
-Only one-handed bladed weapons can be poisoned.

Think about this: Explosion, Hally, Poison, Explosion, Flamestrike, Hally. Basically the people this change will hurt the most are us folks with slow ass connections. Now we have to try to cast cure then heal through the lag (provided from Global Center).

Parrying Changes:
-The amount of melee damage absorbed from parrying will be increased.

Why? It's already one of the most usefull skills in the game.

Lumberjacking and Axes:
"The lumberjacking skill will provide a bonus to damage when the player is using one of the following axes. The higher the characters lumberjacking skill the more damage they will do up to a 15% bonus for 99.9 lumberjacking. At Grandmaster lumberjacking, the damage bonus is 20%."
-Battle Axe
-Double Axe
-Executioner’s Axe
-Large Battle Axe
-Two-handed Axe

WTF? Ok umm can anyone give me a rational explanation of this? Why would knowing how to cut down a tree (swing at an angle up, then at an angle down) help kill someone? Humans actually move and unfortunately a few hits is usually enough to finish them. This is probably the single stupidest thing I have ever heard going into any video game. I can’t even find the words to explain how stupid this is.

Two Handed Weapon Changes:
“Any melee weapon that requires two hands to wield will gain the following special attacks:
-Crushing blow: A hit for double damage.
-Concussion blow: Victim’s intelligence is halved for 30 seconds.
-Paralyzing blow: Victim is paralyzed for 5 seconds. Paralysis can be broken under the same circumstances for the paralyze spell.
Upon a successful hit, there will be a small chance to inflict one of the special attacks. The base chance to inflict one of the special attacks is 20%. A high intelligence will give a small bonus towards the chance to execute a special attack up to a total chance of 30%.”

I guess this is ok but is it necessary?

Hitting and Dexterity:
“Currently, melee weapons check for whether a hit is successful or not in the beginning of the swing animation. This will now be scaled based on dexterity. The higher your dexterity, the earlier in your swing you hit. At very low dexterities, you will not hit until the end of your swing.”

Am I the only person that thinks this will be massively explioted?

Thievery Changes:
-You will be able to steal items from others while in combat. All requirements for stealing (such as being in the thieves guild) will still apply.
-You will not be removed from the thieves guild if you receive a murder count.

Didn’t they take this out about a year ago running all theives out of the game? I think my mage is getting retired I’m just going to play a newbie with anatomy and lumberjacking all day.

Recall Changes:
“You will not be able to recall if you are an aggressor to another player or the pet/creature of another player. This will not be the case when attacking monsters.”

Makes sense except for the fact that most mentally retarded children have a higher IQ then the average dev-team member. Lets look at this for a second: Joe recalls in and sees Fred his most hated enemy. Joe is powerful and always beats Fred; Fred is a coward and always recalls from Joe. Joe sees the opportunity to kill this swine again and attacks. 15 of Fred’s friends come out of hiding, sorry Joe you’re dead because OSI just nerfed your only means of escape. Let the massive gangbangs begin.

Wrestling Changes:
“New attacks with the wrestling skill:
-Characters with 80 or higher in both wrestling and arms lore can attempt to disarm an opponent. If successful, any weapon or spellbook in the target’s hand will be removed and placed in the target’s backpack.
-Stun Punch
-Characters with 80 or higher in both wrestling and anatomy can attempt to stun their opponents. A successful stun punch will paralyze a target for 5 seconds.
To perform one of these special attacks, players will need to set a macro to put themselves in the appropriate wrestling “mode”. Both hands must be free in order to perform a move.
-New macros called “StunPunch” and “Disarm” will facilitate this. Once in the special attack mode, the character will attempt the maneuver with each successful hit.
-If a maneuver is performed successfully the wrestler will automatically go out of their wrestling mode. There is a 10 second delay before the wrestler can perform another move.
-While in a wrestling mode, each attempt to perform a maneuver (each hit or miss) will result in a loss of 5 stamina.
-The higher a characters wrestling and other skill (anatomy or arms lore), the higher chance they will have to successfully perform the move.”

Finally they did something for wrestling! As incredibly stupid as it is at least it’s something. But wait, isn’t the skill cap still 700? DOH! Oh well.

The Weakly Mage Nerf:
“In order to cast a spell, mages must have their spellbook equipped.”

Every single one of the above changes are for melee charcs. Several of them even make mages less powerful while making melee charcs more powerful. In other words CASTERS ARE FUCKED. In all situations except massive gang fights casters will be screwed.

Magic Reflect Changes:
They are drastically changing the way this spell works. It’s to long for me to explain here but I will say that it worked fine before.

So lets look at whom these changes are meant to help:
-Melee charcs of any kind
-People with parrying
Lets look at whom these changes will hurt:

Hmmm, anyone else see a trend here?
*Watches the value of his multi server 3 7x GM mage account drop through the floor*

February 8, 2000-5:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Because of the Lack of Allied PGC Support TDP (The Devilish Phantoms) Joins PGC:

CSE refused to join PGC:
After one of the original founders of PGC refused to join PGC Jetstar was forced to take drastic action. He has now invited any guilds that want to join into the ranks of PGC. After this invitation was given TDP (a well-known PK guild) joined up to loot and kill. As Mystikal GM of PR8 said, “Just fight like pusses.” When he was explaining the PR8 strategy to his members (basically stand in the back, loot, and then recall). I'm sure other guilds will jump on and use PGC and KGB before it falls apart

“At this time the PGC's goal is the domination of the Evil guilds we feel are detrimental to the overall atmosphere on Pacific.”
-Jetstar Dictator of PGC

This was Jetstars post concerning the mission of the newly reformed PGC. I looked through the Message boards today and without any trouble at all found these posted by TDP members in the last week:

“If KGB doesn't like this, they can go fuck themselves. KGB, you know that while TDP has been known to do some crazy shit, that we do not bullshit and lie. What has been stated here is absolutely true, and you may wish to reconsider your alliance with these "poor, helpless newbies".
-Minsc of TDP

“To the KGB/S&M: We have decided that we are evil, represent everything evil, and would like to see you destroyed. War us now, lest you be deemed a guild who cowered in the face of a mighty evil.
War us!
Transvestite of TDP”

“I was there - the reason it happened were two simple things:
1. Daryoon was bored
2. TDP is evil”
–Minsc of TDP

“First off, hi _. 2nd, I've never claimed to be honorable. I dont know where you're getting that from.
How do we get in? We've Pk'd, looted, Npk'd, tried to ally, what are we supposed to do?
As JACK said, he's just trying to get some action for his boys.”
-Daryoon of TDP

“Minsc and I have started rping EVIL Characters =). EVIL includes Pking. Your tactics seemed S&M worthy.”
-Daryoon of TDP

Clearly TDP’s goal is one similar to PR8. Get fun fights and loot. They have no loyalty to KGB (actually they can’t stand them and have no intention of following any rules). They laid it down like this, if KGB lets us join we will own your enemies. Jetstar quickly jumped on this with no regard to the code he claims to be following. The victory over KGB is upon us; KGB has now completely disregarded their rules and code, they have lost all of their close allies, and are being used as a tool for war. KGB as we knew it is dead, the only remaining step is to make this war no fun for TDP and PR8 (easy enough) and its over and KGB will fall.

February 7, 2000-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Where Is PGC?

There has been one major fight in the past 2 days:

BH Refuses to Join PGC:

KGB’s only active ally (BH) refuses to join the PGC stone:

Guildmaster of BH Steihls Official Stance:

“The Black Hand (BH...NOT TBH) have been asked for support by a few PGC (KGB) members. At this time, BH declines this informal invitation based on the following:
1.) The Black Hand has a formal submission into the KGB Supreme Court that as of this date has been open 1 month (Jan 7th-Feb 7th) with no action nor update.
2.) The Black Hand does not wish to affiliate with select guilds within PGC.
3.) The Black Hand believes that based upon current select membership within PGC, that it is unable to portray the ideals it endeavors to defend. One must police his own ranks before he can justly claim to police others.”

You know KGB is dead when their closest allies won’t even help them out.

February 5, 2000-3:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
The Last Word on House Fighting:

KGB has pretty much resorted to complete house fighting tactics. As KGB forces do not hold a town or any territory except the insides of their tower which is constantly camped. Here are a few quotes from Jetstar about hiding inside houses.

“Desperate OPP resorts to House Fighting.”

“Perhaps if Jackal would come out of his little house instead of hiding there and banning us, we could truly see who is boss.”

“OPP continues to hide in the coward shack.”

Posted by Jetstar GM of KGB (taken from KGB sentinel archives). Pics below the October 4 news exert clearly show KGB hiding which is a direct counterdiction of KGB rules and a direct counterdiction of Jetstars stance on house hiding.

Taken from OPP News (October 4, 1999):

“ I was getting tired of chasing OPP into their house”

“Clear the ban list at EGY and tell your members to stop with the banning game. Sometime ago Dracus promised this would be the case but so far it hasn't. Last night after most of you went to bed we caught Pax Tharkas and Mr. Noodle playing that lame game in true OPP fashion.”
-Firdausi of KGB

“Despite OPP’s lame house fighting tactics, KGB is still able to defeat those who venture outside the OPP coward shack”
-Jetstar of KGB

PGC (Pacific Guild hopping Coalition):
Yes PGC is back, again. Not like it matters much but I guess this is a handy way for Jetstar to mass recruit with an excuse. KGB, err PGC is again recruiting everyone they can get their hands on including PR8 (a well known PK guild). Today promised to have some great battles with the return of Jet and his generals from SP. Unfortunately KGB err PGC was only able to put up a few fights and Each time KGB got there asses handed to them. Hopefully we can get some better fights tomorrow night. Thanks to TBH, CH (yes our move to the CH stone is pretty much complete), and TSL for the support tonight.

KGB was very reluctant to log on tonight. I wonder why?

After leaving the KGB tower we waited a couple hours and finally KGB got their act together and attacked the TBH tower.

Back to the KGB tower.

While waiting for KGB to regroup John Lennon provided some entertainment with his two dragons.

The newly formed PGCs first attack.

Back to the KGB tower for a third time.

February 3, 2000-7:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
“On Friday February 4th at 11:59pm I will assume personal control over KGB forces on the Pacific shard as is my right stated in Article III, Sections II, Clause I of the KGB constitution. I take this action in support of the TBH conflict. The scale of this conflict has outweighed the purpose and authority of the KGB Pacific Defense Force that is currently administrated by General Romeo Montague.”
Jetstar GM of KGB

So on the 4th of February and following weekend KGB will be out in force. It would be good if we could get as many allies and friends as possible online this coming weekend. If we break them quickly the bandwagoners won’t join and the odds will be even. KGB will loose an even military conflict.

So the Mind Games Begin:
Jetstars war post on the KGB message board:

“I continue to get differing opinions and see an obvious lack of unity”

The initial attack on TBH. Although TBH is very unified Jet says this to make TBH members question that fact.

“On one hand I see a rational and articulate TBH clique that seems to have its ducks in a row. On the other hand I see a rash and immature clique totally contradicting what the other clique says. It is because of this instability that I have chosen to go forward with preparations for a large scale offensive.”

Then he continues by complimenting some while insulting others. He attempts to pull friends apart and make them question themselves and each other.

“There is also a group in TBH that I have no respect for. These individuals tarnish the great history of the TBH name and destroy the overall image of the guild with their immature tactics and messages. I would hope that before this conflict escilates, TBH officials would act and remove these immature lamers from their stone.”

He throws the final blow to the leadership asking for an honorable war (which we all know KGB is incapable of) and continues to try to pull members apart.

“I think we could then be strong allies. I would be happy to provide a list of names and proof of their actions.”

Then finally offers a way out. Kick the members who insight war and the calm reserved followers can join KGB and serve them until they are no longer needed. Jetstar has already thrown the first stone by insulting the members of TBH, now he hopes TBH will talk about these things and question each other; questions will turn to assumptions, and assumptions will turn to arguments, and arguments will turn to members quitting. This is what Jetstar will hope for but it’s not going to happen. Sorry Jet but your forces are week and your tactics are old. I can predict your every move and that is KGB’s weakness. A weakness in leadership, leader should lead by example, Jets example is insulting his enemies, and his members will soon follow. When TBH doesn’t break KGB members will turn on themselves because neither Jet, nor any of his generals have enough respect from their members to hold it together. Watch carefully as the final chapters of KGB are written.

February 2, 2000-7:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Will PGC Be Recreated?

“No matter how many enemies TBH can bring in of KGBs, the PGC would have many many more. I'm not saying we have moved to re-make the PGC, but I haven't dismissed the idea yet.”
Romeo Montague of KGB

“If PGC was EVER remade it would be most likely for: TBH, CH, OPP, DiC, DF, PK, and a few other guilds which actually slipped my mind right now .”
Romeo Montague of KGB

“We aren't going to restart PGC. That would be a last resort only if the entire shard were after us(seems like it is now anyway).”
Yaz of KGB

“It appears to me that I must return to Pacific to personally take charge of this conflict.”
Jetstar of KGB

“It may become necessary for me to recall the 80 KGB from SP shard to make a showing.”
Jetstar of KGB

All above quotes are from KGB Pacific War Council members and they seem to have a lot planned for the new PGC even though they say it’s probably not going to happen. I figure when Jetstar returns he will see how badly KGB is getting beat and he will immediately call in everyone. Will we see a new PGC? Possibly, but I doubt it considering KGB has no real allies left. Unless KGB can talk some other guilds into a new PGC for some fun warring I don’t see it happening. Either way with Jetstar coming back I hope KGB will be active once again and maybe even declare on OPP again!

February 1, 2000-10:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
OPP Moves To CH Stone
In order to continue our battle against KGB we have begun our move to our close allies CH's stone.

Remember for more info on the wars be sure to check the TBH Webpage and the CH Webpage as well as this page which will be bringing you more news from the KGB war as soon as our move is complete.

January 28, 2000-2:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
I urge everyone to go check out the TBH Webpage and specifically the news section that is kept well updated with news from the fighting.

January 26, 2000-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
KGB Undeclares:
After about 6 months of fighting KGB finally undeclared last night with the excuse that OPP isn’t active enough, lol. KGB is already in complete denial about the loss:

“o yeah 1 more thing i think we should undelair on opp , we won that war .. time to move to big and better wars , jackel is old news”
Sit Ice Viper of KGB

Then these were posted, just more KGB counterdicting each other in their cover-up attempts:

“No, KGB will not declare victory in any fashion. We have undeclared seeing as we have a purpose to the war with TBH. OPP and KGB was a fun war and when KGB and TBH are done with, maybe we can continue. We shall see what happens.”
Romeo Montague of KGB

“KGB does not wish to argue about over who won the fight. Everyone has their own opinion and it will be senseless to try and convince each other”
Yaz of KGB

KGB GM Jetstar has yet to even comment on the loss while KGB generals cover it up by saying OPP isn’t active enough or nice enough to war. OPP is a “small fish” even though we have been the most active warring guild along with CH for the last 8 months. Who won? I’m sorry but there is always a winner and as Thomas of KGB clearly states:

“WAR is won when the enemy no longer fights...”
Thomas of KGB

So KGB undeclared thus no longer fighting. Basically I want everyone to watch the KGB cover up and get some good laughs. I’m sure they will all counterdict each other and in the end all claim victory. OPP does however plan to aid TBH in any way we can while that war continues. Like I said at the beginning of this war OPP will not be happy until KGB is gone. Although this might not be possible because OSI war rules we’ll do whatever we can to pull them apart. It was clear KGB couldn’t handle the combined forces of TBH/OPP/CH. It’s funny how the tide turns, when KGB lied and forced OPP into a war against 10+ KGB allies including OBM and D&S, OPP did not back down. OBM is completely disbanded and D&S is non-existent and now KGB runs out of the war calling OPP names and claiming victory.

January 26, 2000-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Say It Ain’t So!

This from the OPP message board:

Jackal and OPP
I don't usually like posting on message boards but this is a special occasion. I'll make it short and sweet. After a vote of 6 to 0 we have decided that we have been warring with OPP for long enough and we are moving on to bigger fish(Yes, TBH). You say you can't find us, well we are having a hard time finding you, save the occasional 1 to 2 OPP that hang around CH. Say what you will (We lost etc..) but KGB does not wish to argue about over who won the fight. Everyone has their own opinion and it will be senseless to try and convince each other. It was fun while it lasted. We would like to leave on a good note. Thankyou OPP for the great wars. Good luck.
--Yaz[Knight Captain][WarCouncil]

Since KGB has not officially undeclared yet I won’t make any judgements of statements yet.

Possibly the Last OPP involved KGB Battle:
Since this might be the last time I get to talk about the OPP and KGB war I figure I should make it known. I logged on late and got word from CH a large group of KGB was around. Excited I headed to Deceit to check out things. Then I got an ICQ from Garath of TBH saying KGB was attacking the TBH tower. KGB forces were around 15 so OPP began attacking with demons and Evs which turned out to be quite successful as we dropped 2 KGB and looted before we were forced to recall. TBH hit the KGB force and OPP followed in right behind them smashing the KGB army. We then chased them to the KGB tower were we killed more and watched as Jetstar and his men ran for their lives into the KGB tower.

THOR then made a plea to leave and let KGB regroup. We obliged and moved out. After a few minutes KGB moved in on the TBH tower again only to get slaughtered. KGB scattered, ran, and recalled. Several of the KGB headed to the S&M castle (which is situated near the TBH City). We quickly moved in and took the castle as more KGB fell to our attack.

Needless to say KGB gave up at this point and logged out.

Thanks to TBH for all the fun tonight. I look forward to working together in the future.

January 25, 2000-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
WTF is KGB thinking?
Last night the dwindling forces of KGB declared war on TBH (The Black Hand). KGB has been almost non-existent in Occlo and Deceit in the past week and they suddenly open up a new war? I always knew most KGB weren’t exactly the brightest bulbs in the box but this decision even shatters that low opinion. On the up side this might mean KGB will try to make another half-assed come back which is nothing but fun for us so I’m all for it.

Last night KGB made several attacks on the TBH tower, every time loosing terribly. KGB even brought in some orders to help take me down (I was the only Chaos there) and still failed miserably at that as the KGB order gimps lost 3 separate attacks to just little ol Jackal (with TBH healing because KGB couldn’t keep them busy). One of there members immediately quit the stone and joined the hordes of KGB blue healers. A future that every friend of KGB or KGB member will be doomed to as the guild is run off Pacific.

Update on TBC:
Unfortunately after their first attack it was too late to check the OSI page (while it loads) so I just assumed they were at least a guild. It’s funny because I wasn’t even shocked when I realized TBC is just one of those join for the night guilds. I guess I once again made a conservative estimate when I said they would last two weeks. Haha, they only lasted one night.

Recent Victories:

Wah Ching:
After a short stupid war Wah Ching undeclared.

We actually had a few decent fights with KIK, to bad they undeclared.

January 24, 2000-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
A New Era of UO:
As we launch into a new era of UO (that I like to call the nerf world) I just want to say thanks to everyone that made UO fun and isn’t with us anymore. I get ICQs everyday from people quitting and my ICQ list has shrunk from a once great 500 to less then 300. To all those people that I lost touch with, sorry. To everyone else that quits daily stay in touch! We will see each other again under different circumstances in SB.

WTF is TBC? TB…What?
Some new clan of newbies called TBC has popped up claiming to be “da shit yo”. I didn’t recognize a single TBC I saw so I ask you wtf are they thinking talking this amount of shit? I figure as my UO day’s slowly come to and end and OPP looses its purpose (because we can’t get any decent wars, we can’t loot houses, and we can’t pk anymore). We might as well do our fourth favorite thing: beat the shit out of morons who talk big and act small. After last night I feel a new drive to play UO as new guilds pop up in place of D&S, KGB, and TDP. I’ve always had a personal crusade to kill the guy with the big mouth and it looks like these fools have worked up the courage to fight us. Any info on TBC hang outs, movements, or houses would be appreciated. My last estimate re-guarding the death of AIR was a little conservative so this time I’ll throw caution to the wind and say TBC won’t even make it a two weeks.
Another one bites the dust…

January 23, 2000-11:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
The New Improved/Nerfed UO:
WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH OSI? Since day one OSI has solved problems by nerfing rather then fixing the problem or enhancing. What I’m saying is rather then ruining a skill that everyone worked so hard for why not make the other ones more useful. It’s one of these glass half-full or half-empty things. OSI must have some seriously screwed up thought processes. I just don’t get it….Like I said months ago it all started with stat loss, rather then giving the “heros” a way to defeat evil they stomped out evil. Rather then making swords, maces, and fencing as good as archery they screwed archery (lets think here, heavy crossbow with less range then a bow? Does OSI think everyone is Hercules or what? Yes longer reload time, no to the whole shorter range BS). Rather then making resist easier OSI makes other skills for us to waste time on and in the process ruins resist (which A LOT of people spent ALOT of time on). Then came all the craftsmen changes…Now all of a sudden OSI wants to spend time helping our mule charcs (that’s helpful)! I don’t pay my 10 bucks so OSI can enhance fishing while they ignore the mess they just started with the above 3 problems. Now we have the removal of pre-casting. Let’s think about this for a sec: pre-casting has been around since day one and suddenly it’s a bug that must be stopped! I don’t know, I just don’t know! What is next? OSI has nerfed this whole game! There is nothing left! Lets start a push to remove Dex, Str, and all spells except fireball! We can have a new improved version of Fluffy the PK Chicken!

In Other news:

The number of Order guilds has finally passed up the number of Chaos guilds (to bad none of the Orders ever log in).

OSI has added fixing guildstones to the “General Testing” section! It’s only taken them 2 years to begin to think about fixing it?

I’m going to start to compile a list of everyone that wants to go to SB (Shadowbane) to a build a big super city and rule the world! Hah…Anyway if you’re interested in joining in the fun drop me an e-mail (include your UO name and ICQ or i'll just push the delete button).

January 20, 2000-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
D&S Returns:
A couple nights ago we had our first run in with D&S since the bannings. They had been in and out all day but none of them really wanted a straight up fight, most of the fights where “my connection is better then yours” as they ran, comboed, and ran. Later in the night we caught them off guard in the duel room and walled the doors so they had no escape except recall. It was 7 Vs 6 and the fight went very well. We managed to drop 2 D&S right off the bat while only loosing one. The D&S began to scatter and run but we walled the doors and managed to drop 2 more. Props to Psferos for putting up a good fight. He never ran or attempted to recall while his guild mates stopped healing and ran for it. Anyhow I look forward to more close to even odds fights. We can’t get these with KGB so it’s a good chalange not to mention alot more fun.

Jackal’s Battlelog:
After checking out Michael’s Battlelog the other day I felt the need to have one of my very own.
Jackal's Battlelog

January 17, 2000-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Michael’s Battle Log:
Mikes log was taken over by Romeo when he was banned. Now the thing is just a pathetic extension of the Sentinel. At least when Jetstar posts BS on his news page he honestly didn’t know the truth because he’s not on. On the other hand Romeo does play and knows exactly what is going on so his post are blatant lies and he knows it. If you notice the pics are almost totally covered so no one can tell they were taken outside the healers. Anyone associated with the “new” battlelog should be embarrassed and ashamed.
Michael's Battlelog

January 16, 2000-7:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
KGB Exploiters Still Present:
After the recent bannings I had hoped we could have some good clean fighting but today Methusela of KGB was seen cleaning out the OPP X-Roads house. Although he only managed to get a few dye tubs and extra weapons the fact remains. Yet another KGB caught in the act. I have pics of him looting and pics of the friend’s list but obviously this isn’t enough for OSI to take action on so hopefully he’ll slip up again and OSI will nail him. I would appreciate an e-mail from anyone that has seem Methusela cheating or exploiting bugs we can form a portfolio to send to OSI.

January 16, 2000-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
KGB War Update:

I knew it was too good to be true. After less then a week of constant fighting KGB has gone into hiding. It seems the new KGB tactic is hide in their tower then attack out 1 or 2 times a day. Let me elaborate a little: KGB logs on and goes into the tower where we can’t touch them (that’s fine with us we do the same thing) and won’t come out no matter what. Let’s say there is 5 KGB in their tower, 3 OPP attack KGB will not come out! As you can imagine we’re very frustrated at this point. We get maybe 1 or 2 fights a day, every one of them being 10 Vs 1 and KGB retreats so fast (there attacks last a matter of minutes then its back to hiding again) we can’t get a group together to fight. They can’t possibly consider hitting occlo getting one kill then recalling a victory so I’m not exactly sure what they consider this new tactic. Personally I would call it pussing out of what, for the last few days had been a fun war. Needless to say KGB is the only guild that even fights us with any regularity so OPP is left logging out bored because we can’t find any oranges.

January 15, 2000-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
War Updates:

OBM Disbands:
After getting pounded for about a month now all members of OBM were removed from the stone and the GM Mystikal quit.

As I suspected fell apart and the remaining members joined OBM. After OMB's disbanding the remaining AIR went back to there own stone. AIR membership has dropped from 18 to 4 since Jan 11.

Wars have been raging every night. Like I said in below posts I hope KGB can keep this up. OPP loves the amount of available oranges.

Recent Victories:

DRS (Dirty Rotten Scoundrel):
Undeclared for the 3rd time this past week.

A much anticipated war that turned out to be a joke.

January 11, 2000-4:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
War Updates:

KGB War Update:
After dropping from 110 to 45 members over the span of a few weeks, KGB has started recruiting again and has been on the battlefield for the first time since Michael’s ban. Although they have lost the last 6 Battles against OPP I hope that we can keep this type of fighting up. I like being able to log in and find oranges to fight. This is what warring is all about; I challenge KGB to keep fighting this time.

D&S and OBM War Updates:
Both guilds have basically fallen off the face of the earth again. I just don’t understand how these guilds can go from having 10 guys on one week and then disappearing for a month. I guess that’s what mass recruiting guild hoppers does but it’s ridiculous. OPP declared war on you two because we want a WAR!

Yah, my first reaction was the same. What is AIR? Just another band of guild hoppers who have got together with there second charcs and only log in when they have over 10 guys and dragons (somehow they still manage to die constantly). I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they will last at least another 2 weeks before falling apart.

January 5, 2000-4:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
Nightmare GM of CH tossed up a webpage finally=P

Welp, everyone made it through the new year alive and of course everyones computers work just fine. Its seems the only thing affected was this webpage's calander and the LA PDs breathalizers(darn).

December 31, 1999-2:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
The Bloodguard (BG):
Seems our buddies from the Bloodguard are back. After looting 2 of their member’s houses and pking a handful of others while camping several BG houses the guild fell into turmoil and practically died. Well 2 BG ended up at the X-Roads tonight. There is quite a history between OPP and BG, needless to say these rejected KGB allies who spend most there time cussing at newbies and stealing treasures (the reason they were at the x-roads tonight) have always tried to make a mark in Britania. They just never succeeded. Danny in particular was at least good for 2-5 kills a day back when i was a Dread Lord. The fighting started with the BG attacking our thieves at the X. After stealing a good amount we promptly logged on our mains and went Grey to start off the fighting. At this point there was 2 BG and 3 BG friends Vs 2 OPP and 1 DiC. We fought for awhile and it ended a draw with the BG and friends recalling and waiting till blue then returning. At this point I offered a duel to any of them. At which point Jake Runnik of BG agreed to a duel. We started off and of course Danny jumped in. Nightmare and Malice of CH dropped by and joined in and fun which ended with Jakes corpse at my feet and Danny running for his miserable life.

The 3 BG healers decided to leave after seeing their friends get beaten down in a 2 Vs 1 but the BG stuck with it offering more duels but refusing to go Grey so of course I went Grey again (I’m stupid like that) and got jumped again. But this time they decided it would be more fun to fire ebs out the door of there house at me, I mean god knows 2 Vs 1 isn’t very fair. Anyway the night ended with them talking constant trash, refusing to accept war, and refusing to duel. Basically just pussing out like usual. I selected a couple choice quotes from Danny for everyone to marvel at (above in quotes section).

KGB Banning Updates:
KGB doesn’t want to let the public know who all was banned (the public has a right to know!) but here is the list I’ve compiled (if I made a mistake or you want your name off this list e-mail me).

*Roughly half of the people banned*

For those of you who where wrongly banned I’m sorry and I’m sure it will hurt the PvP community. For those of you who cheated I honestly hope you never buy another online game again.

December 30, 1999-9:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
The Day KGB Got Banned:
Welp, everyone is arguing about this and the facts are few and far between but this is what I know for sure. 16(this number is sketchy) KGB got banned for using some sort of a scroll duping bug. Now I’m sure if some of the people who got banned weren’t even guilty of using the bug but with OSI’s new cheating policy the entire guild is lucky they weren’t banned. For those of you saying none of them cheated, you’re idiots. Quite a few of the people that got banned had been caught using bugs before (several times I pointed the instances out on this page and we all know once people start using short cuts they don’t often go back).
So here are the facts:

Somewhere between 10 and 20 KGB were banned for using cheats.

Many other Pacific and SP players were also banned for using this same bug.

This could very well be related to the recent Chessy banning where a whole guild was banned for using bugs. Maybe OSI is finally cracking down on bug use (a little late isn’t it?).

December 24, 1999-1:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Merry X-Mas Everyone!!!

OPP Wars:
Yes OPP is officially number 2 on the OSI war list. This just seems pathetic to me. With close to 20 more wars I could declare (and will declare slowly but surely with this screwed up war menu) I see other guilds stressing for wars. But look at most of these wars, they’re 3 man townie guilds and each charc is a 3rd or 4th charc to some merchant who has no clue what PvP is. So these guilds declare one day and disband the next only to have another guild just the same pop up and declare. It’s the never-ending cycle of guild hopping. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE ON THIS SHARD GET TOGETHER AND MAKE A STAND! Half the reason UO seems so dead is because everyone wants to gang bang one guild at a time, slander their names, and use every cheat/exploit known to god. Is this fun…For either side? Seriously if you think gang banging a person and deleting their houses is fun you need to make an appointment with a shrink NOW. If just half the guilds out there that have 3-5 members got together and formed well structured guilds PvP would really pick up. Heck, I might even find myself playing Pacific regularly again! This off and on warring sucks. I miss the days when a guild war was a constant continual battle for victory. I can log in and out of 25 wars (with supposedly the most powerful and active PvP guilds) + all the orders guilds find 0 oranges, I mean I can go to every town and dungeon and find NOTHING. This either means UO is dead for good or people are just being pussies.

I challenge everyone out there to go Order! I hear constant bitching about how it's to hard to declare wars or how there is just to many chaos (make friends!). Stop complaining and let’s make this game fun again! Stop pussing out and stressing about dropping below 5 million gold (you have another 4!). Stop using all these pathetic cheats, this is a game, have fun within the rules!

Maybe it’s far fetched but I’m still hoping for one last shard war.

Couple Pics from my bordum:

Just sitting around on the KGB tower roof growing old.

Cruised over to Brit bank and saw this...

December 22, 1999-11:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
X-Mas gifts = the best idea OSI has had in a long time:
OPP is officially on the SP map because we bought our first house today! As more members come this will give us a safe place to train and spar. We never actually thought we could save up the cash for a house until our mules were done but OSI gave us a great gift for Christmas. This morning Likweed and I managed to sell 140k worth of X-Mas gifts by asking friends to come and make charcs on SP and give us the gifts. So those useless Christmas gifts do have a purpose after all!

Apparenty the Lizardman army doesn't like us=(

December 20, 1999-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
A Warning to the guild known as Knights:
If you continue to interfear with OPP guild wars and do not declare your guild will be torn apart. Your GM has told me that your guild is just newbies, but honestly we don’t care. Stay out of our way or be destroyed.
The last guild that blue healed and blocked and wouldn't declare back:

Their guild house was looted and members were robbed and murdered. This guild no longer exists.

December 17, 1999-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Recent Victories:

Blood & Iron: A known ally of KGB and CSE undeclared for the second time yesturday. I wonder if they’ll chance round 3?

Church Of Crusaders [CSE]: the Crimson Sky war guild that got beat down a few months ago and has undeclared and redeclared a handful of times finally undeclared, again.

Yes, thats right Ranker is back. Apparently TM wants to try a third war with OPP. It's sort of funny because OPP members were just talking the other day about the need for more supply wars now that OBM is falling apart. Good timing TM.

December 16, 1999-10:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
OBM War:

A couple days ago OBM undeclared wars with DF and CH with the excuse of warring TSL (who infatically said they wouldn't war OBM again after beating them 2 times before). OBM, who only fights when, grouped up with D&S or KGB has now taken on the role of a 100% gang bang then hide guild. Lets all take a seat and watch as this bandwagon comes to a crashing halt.

December 15, 1999-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
Recent Victories:

The Prophets: After about 5 months of warring the guild known as TPs has shriveled to 3 members and undeclared last night.

Brotherhood of Darkness: After falling apart over the last few weeks BD completely disbanded and no longer exists.

December 13, 1999-12:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
The Tourney:
I logged on at about 9:30 PM PST this evening and got an ICQ from Michael saying the tourney has been delayed. I was pretty excited because I figured I could watch some decent duels and finally get some ladder fights. I cruised down to Deceit lvl 1 and found Baal and Caleb dueling. Of course there were several oranges but of course this was post tourney so no one was trying to ruin the fun. Myst and one other OBM then said: “meet at HQ” and recalled out. Only to return 5 minutes later with demons and about 8 other OBM. The only OPP there were Funk and I and there was one CH. I wouldn’t say this ruined the tourney but it un-involved CH, DF, and OPP from the night’s festivities. After recalling, we got a group of 5 guys together and went back hitting every major spot and couldn’t find OBM anywhere(OBM brings a whole new meaning to gang and log out tactics). I’m sure OBM respects our skills so much and are so unsure of their own that it took that many people plus about 10 demons to kill us (which didn’t happen, we just recalled) but interrupting duels and friendly fun is just wrong. OBM has volunteered to be the test subjects of the new OPP tamers. I would also ask Michael and anyone else involved in setting up tonight’s events to any in the future to get word from OBM officials that they won’t ruin the event. OBM has truly shown what they are really made of tonight. Pure cowards.

Congrads to Caleb for winning tonights event.

December 12, 1999-2:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
State of OPP:
OPP had our meeting Friday night and solved several issues. OPP will be going to SP but our main shard will still be Pacific. Many of the veteran members who have 6 or 7x GMS will make the trip. Right now we’re looking at about 12 people going to SP (I’m sure this number will increase as time goes on). Several members who were off the stone working on skills are back on although Not everyone is back (still making a few final changes to their charcs).

A Public Warning:
Any guild that uses an abundance of blue healers, tamers, or anytime all of our enemies team up in huge hordes for the sole purposed of gang raping OPP we will use dragons. The current membership has no tamers but in the next few days we have 3-5 tamers lined up to join with about 6 coming down the road hopefully in the next month. Basically OPP wants is to have fun wars where we can show off our pvp skill. We aren’t interested in guilds only warring us once a day when they have 10+ members on. So all OPP rules concerning Tamers are hereby void.

Chaos Guilds:
OPP sees no purpose in warring other chaos guilds. If these guilds (you know who you are) wish to continue the current wars I would suggest going order. If these guilds wish to continue the war and for some reason can’t go order get in-touch with me via e-mail or find me in game.

Current Wars:
With the dismissal of BD (Brotherhood of Darkness) it seems that a lot of those guild hoppers who had jumped on the BD bandwagon have now are jumping on the new D&S bandwagon. Obviously D&S was in need of help in their current wars so they have opened up membership to any pvper that wants to join. Come one Come all! In a few week mass recruiting will catch up with D&S and members will begin to fight amongst themselves and another TLD will be created. D&S has all but dug their own grave and OPP appreciates D&S’s most recent actions. KGB has stepped up their activity a little and OBM is starting to put up some good fights. Where the heck did npk go? Only time will tell but they seem to have disappeared off the face of Britannia in recent weeks.

The Plague:
The Plague (a thief’s guild) was started up a few weeks ago by my good friends Menzobarenzane and Wilson has made a recent impact. My thief is currently in this guild and we hope to make this a well-organized thief’s guild that will include only the best thieves on Pacific. This guild is an official ally of OPP and OPP hopes to work along side members of The Plague to bring the area from Yew down to Skara back under our control.

Demons in Chaos:
Several friends of OPP have banded together to start up a guild called Demons in Chaos. We are official allies of DiC and hope to work together in the future in not only guild wars but also pking expeditions and anything else that comes along.

OPP Webpage:
Several enhancements have been made to this page load faster and be updated easier. We have had over 1000 hits in just over a week since I put up the counter! I hope to add more info an update more often in the near future. We will also be adding an into movie to the front page and possibly more in the pics section (when its done). I would appreciate people sending this link around and informing me when any pvp tourneys (or anything else important) will happen.

December 4, 1999-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
BD War:
As I predicted about a month ago the guild known as Brotherhood or Darkness(BD) went into cardiac arrest last week. With the loss of 2 leaders (Bloodcloud and then Biski) the rest of BD soon followed. A guild that once boasted over 50 members is now down to the last 7 who are holding on for dear life. I have a feeling BD will soon be a thing of the past. I wish Biski and Bloodcloud the best whereever their paths lead.

OPP is finally CHAOS!
After a huge hassle (like everything is in UO) OPP finally turned chaos this week. We look forward to giving those order guards a pounding.

The State of OPP:
To re-assure everyone out there we are still kicking. OPP has dropped in membership by about 15 but fearnot, these 15 will be back by next weekend.

October 13, 1999-0:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
So it begins:
Tonight the guild formally known as Dr. Strangelove & Skull declared on OPP. D&S immediately called in the dragons and KGB to try to stop OPP. The fights went in this order, X-Roads, X-Roads, X-Roads(yes D&S was quickly ressing sharing regs and getting back in the action so this fight lasted awhile), Serps, Bucs, and by this time D&S and KGB had either all logged out or logged on blue characters. So after a few months of D&S talking as much trash as they possibly could they got a taste of what its like to war OPP. I hope they had a good time.

Sorry about the lack of pics but the fighting tonight was almost non stop which didn't leave me any time to take pics=(. You can barely see the dead D&S dragons head here at the upper right of the above pic.
A couple of the KGB deaths from tonight:

Here is an interesting pic from just before the D&S vs. OPP war began. Hmmm, wasn't D&S the guild that said if they caught any members house banning in fights they would kick them?

KGB War Update:
The KGB war is well in hand; KGB forces have been non-existent for the last few days except for one major KGB loss where they had a force of about 10(a fight which sported 4 blue KGB friends taking counts for OPP members. I find this interesting because of the extent of KGB whining about blues lately.). Also I would like to take this opportunity to point something out to KGB: OPP is now at war with D&S, I was told by KGB officials that when the OPP vs. D&S war started KGB would declare on NC, TCC, and several other guilds. Let’s see if KGB can keep their word.
Here is a few pics from the only time KGB put some guys on the battle field in the last few days(the one talked about above with the KGB blues).

October 11, 1999-6:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
The CV Tower, which is located NW of the X-Roads is now to be a killing field for OPP. Since CV has been aiding KGB and causing disruptions at the X-Roads OPP is forced to take action. War has been declared and until the time when CV works up the courage to defend them selves OPP will adversely affect business in the CV vendor tower. If CV wishes to hide behind blue status OPP will simply take murder counts(when we have counts to spare) and murder all red customers of the CV tower. CV, if you wish to be rep PKs and not war we can simply ruin your cash flow.
I would like all friends and allies of OPP to please stop using the CV tower as a source of goods and to make the CV tower a stop when you are looking for something to do(cause any havoc you possibly can).

October 10, 1999-3:00 P.M. PST-Jackal

I don't even know why KGB bothers to update with this crap:

“DOE has gone into hiding (Their leader has RL issues), and CH is hardly seen. OPP is clearly stunned by their inability to stop KGB PDF in a decisive manner. They have instead responded to their losses with:
and OPP has responded to their losses with:
- Claims that we used some kind of bug to give them the "already casting bug"
- Claims that we deleted their guildstone
- Claims that KGB members used fastwalk (Which is long defunct I have been told)
- Claims that I was using some kind of vague super-kill UOE exploit
- Further claims of dishonorable KGB tactics - blue healers, etc
OPP officials have taken to calling GameMasters to complain about these false accusations. I will say this in KGB's defense. You have all grown to know KGB as friends or foes over our existence. We will not take part in what I consider poor sportsmanship. We dont need to try to invent exploits to win, and we never will.”

The reason KGB seems to think DoE and CH are non-existant is because KGB only travels in groups of 10 causing the CH and DoE to recall. If KGB would try to take occlo I think they might see some CH but since they haven’t worked up the guts to try to hold Occlo yet, well they aren’t going to see CH or DoE in deceit trying to fight 3 vs. 10.
Did I ever claim that KGB used a bug? No it wasn’t a claim it was straight from GM Mustangs mouth(if you have a problem with this go ahead and ask him).
Look 3 posts down; did OPP ever claim that KGB used a bug to delete the guild stone? Nope.
Has OPP claimed that KGB is using fastwalk? Nope(where’s the proof Jet?).
I’m not even going to comment in a “UOE super kill exploit”. That just makes me laugh.
Last but not least it was actually KGB members complaining that OPP was using blue healers and OPP simply explaining that it is a well known KGB tactic so why are they complaining?(this from KGB message Board):

“I hatye healers , it's a joke , hell i have a ton of blue friends , that will heal me , i never ask them to , it is just not part of guild war , i hope osi changes this in next patch's to come , so jackel if you have the BALLS try to not have your healers heal , i will promise we wont have any ether
kgb dont need healer !”
Sir Ice Viper of KGB

Yes I(Jackal) have spend the majority of my time on UO for the last few days speaking with GMs about the Disappearance of the OPP stone(3 times) and before that the Spell Bug. Both of these are now confirmed Bugs. Last time I checked it wasn’t “unsportsmanlike” to call a gm when a bug was exploited. I would think it is unsportsmanlike to actually exploit these bugs in the first place.
KGBs BS is at a breaking point. No one believes them anymore and honestly I don’t think anyone cares so I’ll end this update here.

October 10, 1999-2:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
For those who haven't heard the D&S stone was bugged last night. Its interesting that the same people who were present at the OPP stone were present at the D&S stone. In conclusion there isn't a doubt in my mind that the people responsible were Quentin, Manfred, Storm, and Skull(Ind). If anyone sees these people anywhere near anyone’s stone immediately call a GM.

October 9, 1999-11:22 P.M. PST-Jackal
Good news is OPP is now back in action. Our stone is being monitored by the GMs(or thats what they tell me) so if something happens again they will know.
Bad news is we have no wars!! If you have ever tried playing UO without wars, well it sucks! SO ALL 34 OF OUR FORMER ENEMIES PLEASE RE-DECLARE. I will be more then willing you meet you anywhere and go to your stone.

October 8, 1999-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
Well the current status of OPP is there is no OPP. Yes that’s right our stone has vanished. I don’t know what happened, OPP has no clue what happened, and worst of all the GMs don’t know what happened! Here is how our stone disappeared:
Storm and 2 newbies(I can’t remember there names because they weren’t worth remembering) came by the X-Roads and started attacking OPP members. After killing 2 of them we decided rather then chasing the third all over west Britannia we would go look for KGB. We grouped with CH when we heard there was 13 KGB at deceit. We headed back to the x-roads to gate to deceit and Storm and his buddies were inside the OPP house. We killed them and then prepared to leave. At this point we realized our stone had disappeared. Then to top that off about 30 seconds later KGB gated in and killed the CH while OPP was blue not able to fight.
After quick review by those great OSI GMs I was told that no OPP guild stone ever existed. Then GM Canyon refused to check his own homepage to look up OPP.
So this is a clear-cut case of who done it?
Was it KGB?
Was it Storm?
Was it GM Canyon?
Because I have a lot of trouble believing that a guild stone would just disappear...
So to everyone in OPP we have no stone because I’m waiting to see if we can get our guild stone put up at a new place.
To all of the guilds warring us, PLEASE WAR US AGAIN! If you don’t want to look us up on the menu I will be glad to go to your stone and let you target me. If you need to get in touch with me go to the X-Roads and ask anyone who looks like they belong to icq me.

October 7, 1999-4:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
KGB War Update:
The OPP Vs KGB war is going better then expected. OPP has been racking in kills at an unbelievable rate. Usually outnumbered 2 to 1(and worse if you count the blue healers KGB won’t fight without) OPP still takes very few losses.
A Day in the OPP Vs KGB War:
The day started with a KGB army at the x-roads. OPP grouped and attacked killing several KGB and then following KGB though there gate to Serps and picked one more off as the KGB frantically tried to escape. After Heading back to the x-roads to drop loot Spanky Spankrton came charging up and said “Bitches we’re waiting for you at Serps”. That was certainly an offer we couldn’t refuse. 4 OPP and 1 CH gated in to find 9 KGB waiting + a few blue healers. After about 15 minutes 6 KGB lie dead with OPP/CH taking no losses.

KGB regrouped extremely fast and had 11 KGB and a dragon at the x-roads before we could drop our loot and regroup. So we started grouping in Occlo and had a total of 7 OPP when KGB gated in(attacking Occlo is a bad idea=P). This battle was more of a marathon then a fight, I got stuck with a dragon on me so I didn’t get to see much of the fight but in the end KGB was gating out with only 4 KGB and a dragon left alive. We followed through the gates and picked off 3 of the 4 KGB and killed that annoying dragon.

The war died down for a few hours so OPP decided to kill DRS(but that’s a story for another day). After awhile KGB led by Michael now took the field at Serps. Where of course OPP/DoE attacked again. This battle raged on for a long time; about 45 minutes with tons of D&S healing the KGB. Once again KGB left the battlefield dead despite the healers and odds. This was the end of the major fighting for the night, a few smaller skirmishes took place both sides loosing a few guys but nothing big.
OPP losses = 5
Estimated KGB losses = 25+

October 7, 1999-1:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
I usually try to stay away from this type of stuff but I feel it needs to be said. There is a bug currently(I’m not going to say how it works so don't ask me! And yes, it has been reported to OSI and will be fixed soon) involving spell casting, certain people around and in KGB have been flagged for using this exploit which will make the person they are casting on get the infamous “spell bug”. I was told this issue would be resolved by Friday. So to all those people who might end up fighting KGB be careful and to all people in KGB STOP USING BUGS. Bugs just ruin the game for everyone playing, if you are not good enough to win without cheating DON’T PLAY! If you are in a fight and get spell bugged, PLEASE report it immediately(or these people are just going to keep coming up with new cheats) to a GM, they know about the bug and will take action against anyone using it. To the people using it I genuinely hope you get banned for good. You have certainly put a very dismal ending on what would have been a good day.

October 5, 1999-8:00 P.M. PST-Jackal
OPP spies in KGB have revealed the new KGB secret weapon. Since the majority of KGB spend their days hiding out or logged on a different character they have devised a way to help the war effort even when its not safe to log in there KGB character(when there isn’t at least 10 guild mates online). Well here it is, unveiled for the first time here:

He’s called the KGB ghost master(There are a handful of these amazing specimens), so when KGB members aren’t dying or re-equipping their main character you might see them dying with this amazing new mule character. These “masters of the ghosts” are perfect for spying and also give the forces of “light” a great way to talk trash without getting slaughtered like usual. This is just the latest and perhaps the most deadly addition to the KGB war machine.

H-A War Update:
It seems the guild known as Hell Angels does actually exist after all! After 3 months of hearing H-A talk trash and take no action, Nightmare(GM of H-A) finally decided to declare back! His group of goons(who are easily recognized by there ever so familiar cussing and laughing as you beat them sense-less) actually put up a fight. OPP members were almost caught off guard because up to this point the only opposition H-A had provided against OPP was large fire breathing lizards(I think someone forgot to tell H-A that dragons aren’t any good when the tamer dies in an explosion flamestrike every time).

The night of October 4 began like any other when H-A mages descended on the Deceit Duel room and died. Retreated to Bucs Den and died again. Retreated, re-equipped, and died for a third time with another attempted attack on Bucs Den. Being red, H-A is at a serious disadvantage so I guess they deserve some credit for just showing up but I’m sure this night(the first night in over a week, since the war started that H-A has actually set foot on the battle field with more then a worthless newbie tamer) is a night H-A wishes never happened.

October 4, 1999-0:00 A.M. PST-Jackal
Well the TDP war has been over for a few days now and I don't think everyone out there understands why everyone would just stop fighting TDP:
You have to love newbies.

After about a week of warring things were going pretty well. Only a few OPP had died at this point and almost every fight was even odds. Up to this point the war was really fun. But because TDP was loosing the majority of the fights they decided to UN-declare on CH(Chaos from Hell). At about this point LCN started having troubles(I don’t think TDP had anything to do with LCN falling apart, it was just internal problems that every merger has. People fighting with guild mates they don’t know or understand.). At this point I considered throwing in the towel because we couldn’t possibly take on a guild with 60 active members(OPP having about 10 active at this point). We fought on for a few weeks and we quickly learned what TDP was all about. Odds, numbers, and gang rapes. Everyone gangs from time to time after all that’s how wars are won but TDP ganged all the time. I started getting TDP confused for KGB when I saw recall after recall every time we had what I consider a fun fight(same numbers on both sides). The dragons hadn’t really even bothered me up to this point but now it seemed like everywhere we went looking for TDP there was 2-4 dragons. Then something happened in our favor TDP declared on our allies DOE and we thought we might have some more fun fights with even odds but TDP continued to use the patented KGB attack, recall and come back with 10 friends. From this point on we never had a battle that didn’t first start with a bunch of TDP recalling and getting help so they would have odds, dragons, and blue healers. We started loosing battles and TDP reverted to trash talking and camping healer shops after ganging people 5 on 1. That was the last straw. I only hope that TDP will take this off time to evaluate their members and put some restrictions on who joins.

KGB is in another one of those expansionary periods. KGB membership has gone from 25 - 50 in the last week and they’re back to there old ways. I’ve always followed this hypocrisy called the KGB and I thought I would bring you a few highlights from the last few weeks of war.

A small woodland creature teamed up with me
for this 2vs2. I'm just sorry i couldn't
save him=(

The KGB has never followed their code but they had always done a very good job of covering everything up. Recently though KGB hasn’t done that great of a job in the cover up department. Heres a few quotes from the last week or so:

“Also you are a lamer, and lamer's aren't allowed into KGB. So get over it.”
-Speedy of KGB

What in your mind is a lamer? Is it someone that lies and covers up? Is it someone who cusses, res kills, and makes up victories? Is it someone who recalls or hides when the opportunity of a fair fight comes along? Or maybe its someone who is so ignorant that they actually believe the stuff that KGB has been spewing out since they started...

“The current KGBPDF (KGB Pacific Defence Force, for those of you who do not know..) Is the best of the best of the KGB. Led by General Fird., we follow the rules by the book”
-Colin of KGB

“You will be KOS as usual. So either join the DOE stone or shut the hell up you whining little bitch!”

“Jackal is my Bitch”
-Jetstar of KGB

“I usually say dont bring RL into game, but CFD has done it soooo many times, all I can say is LOL! By the way send those pictures in, I know a perfect place to post them :) Maybe we can get CFD to quit once and for all.”
-Jetstar of KGB

“Clause 1: Presentation and Communication - KGB Members will treat all persons (Friends and Foes alike) with respect in all forms of communication at all times. No Member of the KGB will use profanity / foul language to taunt and or racial slurs under any circumstances. KGB Members will present themselves as honorable, respectable, and chivalrous at all time with no exceptions.”
-From the KGB constitution

“ I was getting tired of chasing OPP into their house”

“Clear the ban list at EGY and tell your members to stop with the banning game. Sometime ago Dracus promised this would be the case but so far it hasn't. Last night after most of you went to bed we caught Pax Tharkas and Mr. Noodle playing that lame game in true OPP fashion.”
-Firdausi of KGB

“Despite OPP’s lame house fighting tactics, KGB is still able to defeat those who venture outside the OPP coward shack”
-Jetstar of KGB